Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 91

Chapter 91: The Dispute Between the Su Siblings

Su Lenghan looked at his sister who now looked so sinister. His head throbbed, and he knitted his exquisite brows. His grip on Su Lengxian's hand grew increasingly tighter. "Lengxian, stop messing around. This is my office."

Su Lengxian couldn't seem to take in any of her brothers words. Her mind was a mess, and she yelled, "Elder Brother, which sl*t dared to seduce you in the office?!"

Su Lengxian kept calling out 'sl*t' every time she opened her mouth, and it made Su Lenghan's face darken. "Lengxian, you're my younger sister. Don't be rude. The newspapers have been covering your news recently. I looked everywhere, but I still couldn't find you! Where have you been? Don't you know Mom and Dad are very worried about you?"

"Hmph, they're worried about me? They just wish they didn't have such a daughter!" Su Lengxian cried loudly. She felt as though her heart was on fire, and she couldn't vent out her anger.

"Nonsense! Mom and Dad only said that out of anger. How could they not be worried about you? If they weren't worried, why did they pamper you for the past twenty years?" Su Lenghan looked solemnly at Su Lengxianwhat happened to his sister who used to be so lovely and obedient?

Su Lengxian lifted up her head and looked at her elder brother's enraged expression. Her heart sank. "Elder Brother, you've never used to scold me in the past. Is it because I did something wrong? I have no idea what happened that day at the Luxury Emperor. It wasn't my fault! It was those reportersthey did it on purpose! Elder Brother, can't you avenge me?" At that moment, Su Lengxian had forgotten what she'd come here for.

"Lengxian, can't you just admit you did something wrong? You go calm down, and I'll cover everything up for you. It will be alright when the rumors die down."

"I don't want to, Elder Brother. You're my brother, and you should avenge me!" Su Lengxian shrieked.

When Su Lengxian entered the office and started calling her names, Meng Xinyan had already woken up. A hint of fury flashed across her eyes, and she was extremely displeased with Su Lenghan's sister.

After pondering for a while, the corners of Meng Xinyan's lips curved up into a smile. She put on her clothes, intentionally revealing the marks imprinted on her neck from their act of passionshe looked entirely disheveled.

She slowly opened the door and acted as if she had just woken up. She cautiously asked, "Lengxian? Is that you? You're back! You have no idea how worried your elder brother was about you. He hasn't been resting well." With that, she rushed forward and held Su Lengxian's hands affectionately.

Su Lengxian flung away her hands at once, her eyes widening in disbelief. "You-you... You and Elder Brother?" At that moment, she recalled the scene that she had witnessed that day. The red marks on Meng Xinyan's neck stung her eyes, and she was feeling highly distressed.

Meng Xinyan is truly cunning! "Elder Brother, she must have seduced you! This shameless sl*t, how shameless..."

'Pak!' Just as Su Lengxian finished her words, Su Lenghan slapped her.

Su Lengxian was in disbelief. "Elder Brother, did you just hit me? You hit me just for someone like her?" With that, tears started streaming down Su Lengxian's face. Her brother had spoiled her since a young age, and she had always believed that her elder brother belonged to her. She never thought that he would eventually be snatched away by Meng Xinyan and would hit someone for her.

This was a truth that she couldn't willingly accept.

Feeling resentful and disappointed, Su Lenghan said, "Lengxian, look at what you've become. Are you still the same lovely and obedient girl from before? Xinyan is your future sister-in-law, so how can you be so ignorant? Have all those years of Mom and Dad's teachings gone to waste?"