Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 911

Chapter 911 Little Vixen

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Xie Limo felt his heart melting. Surprised by his wife’s initiative, he tightened his embrace around her, as though he was trying to meld her body into his.

The kiss that Yun Bixue gently gave was quickly taken over by the domineering Xie Limo. Even in his passion and excitement, he was still as elegant and noble.

Knowing that this magnificent man was her Mr. Xie and her husband, Yun Bixue was contented indeed.

After a while, Xie Limo parted slightly from Yun Bixue’s lips. Caressing her cheeks, he sighed before saying, “My dear, you’re really a little vixen. You have bewitched me.”

“I was sleeping soundly. I wasn’t trying to bewitch you.”

“My wife, who is sleeping soundly, is also beautiful.”

“You’re flattering me now, but who was the one who said that I slept like a fitful kitten?”

Xie Limo’s chest rumbled as he chuckled. “You still remember that? Are you still angry?”

“I’m not angry. Even if I’m a kitten, I’m the cutest kitten. Why didn’t you say that I was like a piglet?”

Xie Limo thought about how Yun Bixue liked those piglet dolls alongside her pajamas, which had piglet designs on them. He had no idea if he should laugh or cry. “You like piglets that much?”

Yun Bixue nodded her head and replied seriously, “I think piglets are very adorable and cute, not to mention they’re charmingly naive. Besides, they only have to eat and sleep.”

Xie Limo knocked her on the forehead. “Don’t forget that these pigs will be slaughtered eventually.”

“Even so, they’ve already lived spending their lives eating and sleeping without worries. By the way, hubby, I’m just saying this, but I’m not a piglet, okay? So you can’t slaughter me in the future!”

Xie Limo naturally knew the other meaning in her words. “Even if you’re about to be slaughtered, I will be in front of you to shield you.”

“No, didn’t we say that we will accompany each other until we turn gray? Slaughtered or not, we can become pig spirits so that we can live for a thousand years.”

Xie Limo looked at Yun Bixue’s sparkling eyes and couldn’t help but laugh. “What on earth are you thinking? Your imagination is pretty great, huh? Are you playing too many games recently?”

“I didn’t. Duan Qiushu and Wang Man’s relationship are going pretty well. He’s grateful to me, so he wanted to develop a new game after me. I thought a lot about it, and a pig spirit does sound pretty good.”

“We can become tortoises too, you know. That way, we will live for ten thousand years.”

“That’s pretty nice, but ten thousand years is too long. Would it be too boring?”

That night, the two of them talked about the least worrying topics while they cuddled. After a while, they fell asleep peacefully.

The Su Family

Because the Su Family Organization’s funds were stolen, Su Lenghan had not slept for two consecutive nights. He did not attend Yun Bixue’s wedding, opting to send someone to represent him instead.

Furthermore, he did not tell his parents about it and was shouldering the burden alone.

The Su Family Organization had fallen completely into a financial crisis, causing Su Lenghan to sweat buckets in anxiousness.

He knew that this could not be hidden for long, but he could only push it down for the moment.

When the sky was slowly lighting up, Su Lenghan drove to the company. Secretary Zhao Wei was already there, advising Su Lenghan to think of methods to earn and collect funds.

“What did the police say?”

“They found evidence of Fu Hui and Meng Xinyan leaving the city, but they have yet to find out where she is. The two of them may have purposefully avoided the surveillance cameras. Young Master Su, should you perhaps host a shareholders’ meeting?”

Zhao Wei couldn’t understand Meng Xinyan’s actions. How could a woman be as evil as her?