Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 912

Chapter 912 Comparison Between Women

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Zhao Wei thought that Meng Xinyan was foolish. More accurately, she was a selfish person. Why didnt she think that the Su Family Organization would eventually become Yangyangs? She shouldnt sabotage them in this manner.

Hearing Zhao Weis words, Su Lenghan became extremely fatigued. His stomach started to hurt, so he hugged his stomach immediately. The pain worsened, and he began to sweat profusely.

With one hand holding his stomach, Su Lenghan used his other hand to support himself on the table, gritting his teeth tightly to avoid making a noise.

Zhao Wei continued to talk. Hearing Young Master Sus lack of reply, he turned around, only to see Young Master Sus pale complexion. He strode to his side immediately and asked, "Young Master Su, are you okay?"

"Im okay. Its an old problem. Just my stomach feeling unwell."

Zhao Wei frowned as his expression shifted. He wanted to send Su Lenghan to the hospital. "Young Master Su, you cannot torture yourself in this manner. You have to care for yourself. Even if its not for your own sake, you have to think of Yangyang. She cannot afford to lose her father."

Zhao Wei had always been Su Lenghans secretary not only for work but also in his private life. He was the person who had witnessed the changes in the relationship between Young Master Su and Yun Bixue, and later, the development between him and Meng Xinyan as well.

His heart ached for Young Master Su. From a mans point of view, Young Master Su simply misread his own heart and took the wrong step because of the responsibilities he had for his family. A simple mistake like that caused him to end up at where he was.

Back then, when Miss Yun and Young Master Su were together, Miss Yun would always take care of his health, nagging him to rest and eat well.

Young Master Sus stomach did not have any problems during that time.

But when Young Master Su and Meng Xinyan got together, the latter only cared for herself. Many times, Young Master Su took care of Meng Xinyan and accommodated for her. Instead of eating, he would accompany her to go shopping or do things that catered only