Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 914

Chapter 914 Sending The In Laws Off

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Naturally, Yun Bixue knew that Ji Qiongxin was referring to what happened at the wedding ceremony a few days ago. She was a little embarrassed as she answered, “Mum, that day, I—”

“You don’t have to explain. I understand. Work hard, okay? I have high hopes on you.” Ji Qiongxin did not give Yun Bixue any time to explain and just looked approvingly at her.

Yun Bixue sent a pleading glance towards Xie Limo, who was standing elegantly at the side, but he just smiled at her, his brows twitching slightly as he did so.

“Mum, I will continue to work hard to become someone worthy of the Xie family.”

“It’s not that serious. You just have to take good care of yourself and not let anyone bully you. Of course, if Limo bullies you, I will get him back for you.” Ji Qiongxin said seriously and turned to look at his son, indicating that she wanted her son to listen to it as well.

Xie Limo strode over to Yun Bixue’s side and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. “Mum, rest assured. She won’t run away. I would rather bully myself than bully her.”

Ji Qiongxin nodded her head in satisfaction. Looking at how the two of them were standing together lovingly, she couldn’t help but smile at them.

Xie Yaocang was not good with words, so he simply patted his son’s back before smiling gently at Yun Bixue. “Live happily.”

Yun Bixue replied respectfully, “Dad, rest assured. We will.”

Xie Yaocang and Ji Qiongxin said their farewells to Old Master Yun. Old Master Yun was satisfied with Xie Limo’s parents. He couldn’t bear to say his farewells, so in order not to let him be too upset, they didn’t allow him to accompany them to the airport.

Finally, after they sent Xie Yaocang and Ji Qiongxin off, Yun Bixue couldn’t help the desolation she was feeling.

While Xie Limo drove, he gave Yun Bixue a sidelong glance before he said in a consoling voice, “My parents will still be visiting us in the future. If you miss them, you can follow me when I return to the headquarters next time.”

Yun Bixue nodded her head. “Yes, it’s bound to happen anyway. When Bilu and the others leave, it will become really quiet.” Lately, she got used to talking to everyone and eating in a crowded atmosphere. Once they all leave, she would feel empty.

“Let’s have some fun. Where do you want to go?”

Yun Bixue was taken aback at the sudden change of topic. It wasn’t what they were talking about a second ago.

She looked at Xie Limo and saw that his expression was serious. Thinking about it, she shook her head. “We don’t have time. Didn’t the order already come from Tian Jing City? We have to pack up and go soon.”

With one hand on the steering wheel, Xie Limo’s other hand caressed Yun Bixue on her head. “We do have a few days, so I think we can squeeze it in our schedule.”

“If you say so. I have to think carefully about it then. Where should we go?” Yun Bixue sucked in a deep breath before she considered seriously, her eyes gleaming.

Just as they passed by the plaza, a huge screen was broadcasting their wedding ceremony.

Yun Bixue patted Xie Limo’s arm and said, “Drive slower. I want to look at it.”

“Haven’t you already seen it?”

“But seeing it broadcasted on the plaza makes me feel as if it was that day again.” Although there was a small incident that day, it was still their big day, so she felt incredibly blessed.

Meanwhile, in Tian Jing City, the An family was in a mess. An Yexuan rushed to visit the other noble families and gave them expensive gifts to explain what transpired the other day. He said that Liu Ping had long been expelled from the An family and that he was trying to smear their name on purpose.