Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 915

Chapter 915 Your Highness Majesty Huang

Chapter 915: Your Highness, Majesty Huang
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Although An Yexuan continued to visit the different noble families, they were still seen as a thorn in many families’ eyes.

On that day, An Yexuan only heard of the offensive things Liu Ping said from Liu Er. Afraid that it would spread to the ears of Majesty Huang and people with malicious intents, he employed methods to stop the news at all costs. However, he was still unable to stop the video from spreading around.

When the video reached An Yexuan’s hands, he almost fainted from anger. He could’ve never imagined what Liu Ping said until someone captured it in a video.

If Liu Ping wasn’t tortured until he was barely alive, he would personally ‘educate’ him on the family laws.

Because of what Liu Ping said, many people realized the power and influence that the An family held. In the past, the noble families in Tian Jing City held power equally, but after seeing that video, they realized that the An family had long surpassed them, obviously wanting to claim the throne amongst the noble families.

Of course, they would never allow that to happen.

An Yexuan’s immediate posturing towards them eased their dissatisfaction temporarily, so for now, they would not be taking any actions against the An family.

After all, the An family’s power was too strong compared to that of a single noble family. If they wanted to oppress the An family, they would have to collaborate with other families.

If a family spearheaded this motion together with other families, it would go against the unspoken law of Tian Jing City. Majesty Huang would definitely disapprove of it, so it would be best for them not to do anything.

Also, because of this incident, some people within the An family became dissatisfied with An Yexuan. People who held power were itching to make their move to destabilize An Yexuan’s position as the heir.

There was the possibility of an internal conflict happening.

An Yexuan could not sleep well for several days. After leaving one of the families and returning home, he heaved a sigh of relief and went to take a shower. Gathering the gifts and bringing Liu Ping along, he was going to sincerely apologize to Majesty Huang and take the chance to clear up and explain the situation.

Fortunately, the news in Tian Jing City was still controlled by the noble families, so neither the news shows nor the newspapers reported about the incident. They also cleaned up the online news websites. However, people were still spreading the news in private, so there was still a chance that it would make it to Majesty Huang’s ears.

When An Yexuan was standing outside the Huang’s gardens, his expression stiffened as he looked at the traditional and grand building in front of him.

Frankly speaking, An Yexuan had never bowed down so desperately before. The past few days had been so busy for him that it was driving him nuts.

He took a few deep breaths. If he had any other choice, he would not have chosen to disturb his Majesty.

He had heard of the tales surrounding Majesty Huang, and he respected him deeply. There were not many people like him, and only a few could do the things that he can do.

After getting someone to announce his arrival, the thick antique doors slowly opened. A middle-aged man guided An Yexuan and his subordinates in.

Xiajun Yanli was sitting in the veranda, narrating a story to his son.

The middle-aged man greeted Xiajun Yanli respectfully and said, “Your Highness, the guests have arrived.”

Xiajun Yanli nodded his head before turning to his son. “Hao’er, there are guests, so I’ll be accompanying them. Be good and read the book yourself, okay?”
“Father, don’t treat me like a little child. Don’t worry, I can play and read on my own.”

Looking at his son, something shifted in Xiajun Yanli’s expression. His son always reminded him of the woman he loved.