Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 917

Chapter 917 An Yexuan Was Beaten Up

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An Yexuan used to be someone with great self-control, but now, that self-control was nowhere to be found as he downed a drink again and again. Perhaps the recent events had made him incredibly anxious, or perhaps Majesty Huang’s words had flustered him. Nonetheless, he felt lifeless, so he decided to let himself go just this once.

In the midst of An Yexuan’s drunken daze, he vomited and was dragged to a dark corner. He was then beaten up for no reason. The blows bruised his face, making it swell. The perpetrator finally let him go when his bones were broken, and blood oozed out of the corners of his lips and nose.

The blows woke him up from his drunken sleep but also caused him to lose consciousness in the end.

After the An family’s guards located An Yexuan, they were all trembling from shock. They didn’t even dare to look him in the eye.

They were in utter disbelief that someone had hurt Young Master An in the capital. Were they asking for trouble?

“We’ve been misled by their ploys. We’re too careless.”

“We didn’t protect our Master well and deserve to be punished. We have to send Young Master An to the hospital now.”

“If we send him to the hospital, the news about how Young Master An got beaten up would surely spread. It won’t be good for the An family.”

“Then we should send Young Master An to his private villa and get his personal doctor to check on him.”

Later, in the villa, An Yexuan fell into a deep slumber while his personal doctor dressed his wounds.

He was in pain while he dreamed. He even dreamed of Yun Bixue, where she cried while asking him why he did those things to her.

He even dreamed of how he first met Yun Bixue.

All his dreams were filled with Yun Bixue—her smiles, tears, anger, and annoyance. Her expressions were so animated and vivid. In his dreams, he smiled while watching her smile, and his heart ached as she cried. When she became angry, he tried to calm her down.

The next day, An Yexuan finally woke up. When he arose, he couldn’t sit up at all. His body ached tremendously the moment he tried to move.

He couldn’t understand why. When he raised his elbow, he saw the bandages on it, jolting him with surprise. It caused him to cough incessantly.

The servants and men of sacrifice heard Young Master An and rushed into the room.

“What happened to me? All of you better give me a good explanation!”

The men of sacrifice could only report honestly.

An Yexuan yelled in rage, “Rubbish! Who dares to hurt me in the capital?”

“Young Master An, it’s the truth. We’re too weak and didn’t do our jobs well. We deserve to be punished.”

“Me too. I deserve to be punished too.”

“Me too…”

An Yexuan suspected that either another noble family from the capital or one of his relatives had been responsible for it. After thinking for a while, he asked coldly, “Enough. Do you know who did it?”

“Young Master An, all the CCTV recordings had been completely destroyed. We don’t have any leads for now!”

At this answer, An Yexuan raged, making him cough again. His body ached all over from those movements.

An Yexuan couldn’t believe how all the CCTV recordings were destroyed in such a short period of time. How was that possible? He also couldn’t help but admit that the forces that he was dealing with could be very powerful.

“Young Master An, we found this piece of cloth where you got beaten up.”

An Yexuan grabbed that piece of cloth and examined it. The moment he took a closer look at it, his body shuddered suddenly. The rest might not be aware of it, but he remembered clearly that this was the most expensive snow silk. It was a cloth that was monopolized by the An family.