Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 918

Chapter 918 Young Master Xies Method

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Thinking that someone from the An family could have been responsible for it, An Yexuan’s hand shivered as he held the piece of cloth. He couldn’t believe it, yet couldn’t help but suspect it. In the capital, who else would possess the capabilities and authority to harm the An family?

The only possibility was that the perpetrator belonged to his family. That way, no one would suspect him. Moreover, that person must have predicted that An Yexuan wouldn’t blow the matter up, so he had no fear in harming him.

An Yexuan’s hand continued to tremble.

“Young Master An, do you know who left this piece of cloth there?”

“It’s someone from our An family,” replied An Yexuan. He sounded very calm, but his blood was actually boiling. He desperately wanted to find out the motive behind this.

The men of sacrifice were all in disbelief. Would someone from the An family really hurt Young Master An?

Young Master An was the heir that everyone had already acknowledged, not to mention that he was the most suitable person. Who could be the person that disregarded the An family’s welfare and hurt Young Master An? They really couldn’t wrap their heads around it.

“If you cannot think of anyone, don’t blow things up. I’ll stay in the villa for the time being and won’t see anyone. I’ll offer you a chance to redeem yourselves. Find out secretly who this piece of cloth belongs to!”


After relaying his orders, An Yexuan finally calmed down, and his breathing evened out. Since he couldn’t go home, he could only stay here until his body had fully recovered.

When he turned his head, he saw how he looked through the mirror, and he almost couldn’t recognize himself at all. He simply shut his eyes and refused to look any longer.

However, after closing his eyes, he was reminded of what happened in his dreams. He couldn’t understand why he had dreamed of Yun Bixue. Moreover, she appeared in every corner of his dreams. Why hadn’t it been Chu Fei’er?

Could he have been affected by what Majesty Huang had said earlier in the day?

An Yexuan grew up in a family where the women shared an extremely complicated relationship with their husbands. In particular, his father had had many affairs, and his mother was murdered by a vicious woman who appeared frail in the beginning.

Therefore, he hated women who put on a facade, despising those who schemed and pretended to be pure. He especially loathed cunning women.

He couldn’t accept that Yun Bixue was one of these women. He used to suspect her, and Chu Fei’er’s death had confirmed his suspicions. In the end, he had completely recognized Yun Bixue as a cruel woman.

The more he refused to believe it, the more he hated Yun Bixue.

In Ning An City, Xie Limo received Xie Jiu’s update, and the corners of his lips curled up enticingly. His grip on his pen tightened as he answered calmly, “Well done. Report to me again if you have more news.”


After leaving the office, Xie Jiu thought secretly that Young Master Xie was truly the best—he had everything under his control. An Yexuan had attempted to embarrass his wife during their wedding, so Young Master Xie used the most straightforward method to fight back.

He believed that An Yexuan’s wounds would take more than a month to heal.

In the villa, Yun Bilu and Huang Yize prepared to leave Ning An City for Country E to continue their studies.

These few days, Yun Bixue skipped work to spend time with her younger sister. She couldn’t bear for Yun Bilu to leave, always thinking that they didn’t have enough time together. The moment she thought that both Yun Bilu and Bai Yaoyao were leaving, she felt sad and empty.

Yun Bilu sat on the sofa and watched a drama series with her elder sister. The two of them behaved just like when they were young, laughing while watching the show.

“Elder Sister, this drama’s plot is pretty fake.”

“It might be fake, but it still cheers people up. TV shows are meant to be different from reality. If it can make people happier, then it has served its purpose.”