Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 919

Chapter 919 The Man Whos Nice To Her

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Yun Bixue was reminded of her own entertainment company. Producing a TV show was just like that too. It was all fiction, and reality was always different from fantasy. When she was bored, she would watch TV shows to pass the time and to cheer herself up.

Yun Bilu thought that her elder sister’s words made sense too. They continued to watch the show and chuckle heartily.

After the drama’s episode ended, they switched channels and found out that the news was still reporting about Xie Limo and Yun Bixue’s wedding.

Yun Bilu said in amazement, “Elder Sister, it’s been so many days, but the reporters in Ning An City are still talking about it!”

“I can’t do anything if they still want to talk about it.”

Yun Bilu bit on her apple and answered, “Elder Sister, I think they’re trying to curry your favor. They didn’t even mention the gift sent by the capital. If it were me, I’d let everyone see it, so they’ll know how ‘classy’ the An family is. What an embarrassment.”

Yun Bixue comforted, “It’s okay. There’s no need to be so angry. Your brother-in-law stopped them from reporting it!”

“Why?” Yun Bilu couldn’t understand why.

Yun Bixue knitted her brows and explained, “Actually, I agree with your brother-in-law. The more the issue gets blown up, the more it will affect our trip to the capital. That’s why scaring the An family will do for now.”

Yun Bilu thought about it and snapped her fingers. “Oh, I understand now. Even if they don’t report it, the news will slowly leak out. That way, everyone else will be unhappy with the An family, and in turn, they will sympathize with you and Brother-in-law. The two of you can then continue to lay low and go to Tian Jing City. They will also pay special attention to you.”

“That’s more or less correct.”

“It’ll be best if the other families join forces and go against the An family. I want to see if they can still be so arrogant. I’ll never forget what they did to our Yun family.” Yun Bilu clenched her fists, her eyes twinkling with murderous intent as she said this.

“Don’t worry. When we arrive in the capital, our first target will be the An family.” An Yexuan had tried repeatedly to hurt her family for no rhyme or reason, and it irked her for a long time now. Of course, she was already prepared to retaliate.

The two sisters chatted some more. When the sky turned dark, they realized that Bai Yaoyao hadn’t returned yet. Yun Bixue began to worry and remarked, “It’s already late. Why hasn’t Yaoyao returned?”

“Yeah, Elder Sister Yaoyao said that she’ll come home after a while. It’s almost five now!”

Yun Bixue was reminded of Bai Yaoyao’s heartache and became extremely concerned. “Quick, call her and ask if she’s okay.”

Bai Yaoyao had left the house after receiving a call during lunch. On the streets, whenever she saw cars driving past her, she would mistake the driver for Duan Yanhao.

Bai Yaoyao shook her head and sighed inwardly. During her stay in Ning An City, she had already spent less time thinking about Xirong Ziye, and it seemed as though she was slowly forgetting him. However, Duan Yanhao would appear in her head involuntarily.

In the villa, whenever saw how protective and gentle Young Master Xie was towards Yun Bixue and how indulgent Young Master Huang was towards Yun Bilu, she would feel lonely. Eventually, she came to realize that women had to find a man who loved her to feel happy.

Being surrounded by such an environment, she spent much more time thinking about Duan Yanhao. It was because Duan Yanhao was the only man who treated her well. Back in Country E, he took care of her when she fell sick, and even brought her out to have fun when she felt down. He didn’t even mind being the center of attention as he piggybacked her down the mountains.

As she reminisced, she watched the cars on the road, her mind in a daze.