Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 92

Chapter 92: Rejuvenating Feelings

Meng Xinyan was secretly glad when she witnessed this scene, but she instead tried to gently coax Su Lenghan, as though unaffected by his sister's words. "Lenghan, you should stop blaming Lengxian. She must have been upset. After all, what happened at the Luxury Emperor greatly affected her and the Su family. She must feel sad too."

These words weren't comforting at all and instead aggravated the situation. Su Lenghan's face turned even darker.

Su Lengxian screamed, "Sister-in-law, hah! I will never acknowledge her as my sister-in-law! She's shameless, she intentionally seduced my brother, and her thoughts must be even more vicious. And her Meng family didn't even offer any help during this incident."

Meng Xinyan lowered her head in grief, and her tears flowed silently. Her delicate appearance made one's heart ache. "Lenghan, it's my fault."

Su Lenghan gently pulled Meng Xinyan into his arms and comforted her gently, "Xinyan, this has nothing to do with you. Don't be sad. You've always been so kind and soft-hearted." After all, she was someone that he liked. Seeing Meng Xinyan like this, he felt bad. Furthermore, it was his sister's wrongdoing.

Seeing such a sight, Su Lengxian couldn't take it anymore. She gave a cry of grief before slamming the door and running out, bawling while she ran. When her elder brother was with Yun Bixue, she had plotted to break them apart and even obeyed Meng Xinyan's orders. She had naively believed that Meng Xinyan had treated her as a friend.

However, she realized that she had been a fool for doing everything for her and for being Meng Xinyan's cannon fodder. In the end, after her elder brother got together with Meng Xinyan, the latter instead abandoned her and treated her in such a manner.

After Su Lengxian ran away, Su Lenghan grew worried and was about to chase after her. However, Meng Xinyan abruptly collapsed and grabbed onto Su Lenghan's sleeve.

Su Lenghan reflexively turned back and asked, "Xinyan, what happened to you?"

Meng Xinyan shook her head weakly and said, "Lenghan, I'm fine. Go after Lengxian, don't let her do anything silly. She's still young!"

Su Lenghan's initially guilty heart felt weary at this moment, and it dispersed the tangled emotions he was feeling. He calmly said, "She's no longer a kid; she should be taking responsibility for her own actions. You rest first." Yes, he couldn't indulge in his sister's ways anymore. She was no longer a child; giving in to her would only harm her.

The next day, the news outlets reported on the Su family's situation all over again. Su Lengxian once again came under the spotlight, and there were also updated reports relating to the top socialite, Meng Xinyan, and Su Lenghan.

Everyone couldn't seem to distinguish which news was real or fake.

"Didn't Miss Meng meet up with the Young Masters from Tian Jing City? Why is she together with Young Master Su again?"

"Probably everything on the news was fake. Didn't you see that the Meng and Su family are still on good terms? I heard that Miss Meng stayed an entire day at Young Master Su's office!"

"The news changes every day. Also, Su Lengxian... Why did Miss Su run out from the Su Family Organization?"

"Still addressing her as 'Miss Su'? This is the moral character of the youngest daughter of the Su family. I feel sick just looking at her!"

"I don't even know who that lover of hers is."


Although the rumors once again revolved around the Su family, Meng Xinyan and Su Lenghan were together this time, which shut down all the rumors that were detrimental to the Su Family Organization. The stock prices started soaring, and its internal operations were progressing well.

This allowed Su Lenghan to heave a sigh of relief. His relationship with Meng Xinyan also started to recover.

After the calmness of the next few days, the Jia family were suddenly caught up in reports of a mining accident. The instigators gathered outside the doors of the Jia family home, and the family members could not endure it. It was a clamorous mess every day, and they were even ambushed by the reporters.

Ultimately, the families of the victims of the mining accidents collectively filed a complaint towards the Jia family, pushing them to the center of social attention again. It generated such an uproar that even the officials from Tian Jing City came down for an investigation.

Young Master Xie ordered these officials to return, and he personally handled the situation. For a period of time, all that the news covered were the issues of the Jia family.