Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 920

Chapter 920 Specially Came To Pick You Up

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Bai Yaoyao hailed a taxi and informed the driver of her destination. After alighting, she arrived at a row of villas in the outskirts. She followed the path and walked inside.

The leaves along the roads fell gently, giving off a sense of bleakness. It reflected Bai Yaoyaos mood. She didnt belong anywhere, and her heart was bare and empty. Perhaps she harbored a bit of hope within her, or perhaps she didnt know where she was headed. She sighed, feeling lost at that moment.

After pressing on the doorbell, the villas gate opened slowly. Different kinds of flowers decorated the entire path.

Bai Yaoyao felt as though she was walking into a mysterious place. It looked like an ancient painting. She was afraid that with each step she took, she would damage those flowers.

Just as she hesitated, the doors opened, and a handsome, strong man stepped out. Despite his elegance, he appeared dominant and masculine. It was the aura belonging to a soldier.

Bai Yaoyao froze the instant she saw him. She couldnt even respond at all. She even felt as though she was still back in Country E.

Duan Yanhao slowly walked to Bai Yaoyaos side and gently removed the petals that had landed on her hair. He asked, "Why are you so shocked? Dont you recognize me anymore?"

After hearing that familiar voice, tears welled up in Bai Yaoyaos eyes. It was only after she tried hard to fight back her tears that she managed to contain herself.

She raised her head and looked at him. The emotions she felt in her heart were so complicated. After going through so much, she realized that she was actually looking forward to see him again.

At that moment, she couldnt help but admit that she missed him. She saw how the people around her became attached, yet she remained single. Despite her smiles, she still felt alone and lonely.

Seeing Bai Yaoyaos disheveled face and shocked gaze, Duan Yanhao frowned. "Bai Yaoyao, we havent seen each other in such a long time. Are you not going to talk to me?"

Bai Yaoyao quickly composed herself and raised her head to look at Duan Yanhao. She refused to blink, gravely afraid that he would disappear in a blink of an eye. "Arent you in Country E? Why are you here in Country A?"

"Didnt you say that youll sign up as a soldier after attending the wedding? Why did you go against your words?

Bai Yaoyao shook her head. "Thats my dream. If I have a chance, I definitely wont give it up. You havent answered my question."</