Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 922

Chapter 922 Laugh If You Want To

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Because of Duan Yanhao’s silence, Bai Yaoyao thought that he didn’t like her surprise. She explained, “When I celebrated my birthday as a child, my mother would always cook me a bowl of longevity noodles, in hopes that I’ll live a long life. It’s a family tradition. We’ll eat red eggs too. I don’t have a birthday present for you, so I thought I should do something for you, even though I have no idea if you’ll like it or not.”

Hearing Bai Yaoyao’s explanation, Duan Yanhao raised his head and looked at her. His cold, knitted brows relaxed, and his gaze was filled with warmth. His eyes were seemingly expressing his gratitude towards her.

He moved his lips gently and said, “Yaoyao, thank you!”

This time, Duan Yanhao called her ‘Yaoyao’ instead of ‘Bai Yaoyao,’ and it pierced through her heart immediately. She blinked a few times and coughed softly, trying to conceal her embarrassment. “Why are you thanking me? I’m just wishing you a happy birthday.”

At that moment, Bai Yaoyao was happy too. She felt that she had someone by her side, and she no longer felt lonely.

Sometimes, it felt torturous to be overly lonely. She couldn’t help but think that her life was desolate.

“Alright!” It was just one word, but it clearly showed how pleased Duan Yanhao felt.

The two of them chatted like old friends as they ate the noodles. In the end, Duan Yanhao finished his bowl and even drank all the soup.

He said to Bai Yaoyao, “This is the best bowl of noodles I’ve ever had, and it’s also the most meaningful birthday present.” This was the first time in his life that someone had specially cooked for him. He was very pleased and satisfied.

“You’ve done so much for me, so of course I should do this for you.”

Duan Yanhao stared intently into Bai Yaoyao’s eyes. After pondering for a long time, he said, “Yaoyao, you’ve changed a lot after coming to Ning An City.”

“How have I changed?”

“You’ve become distant.”

Bai Yaoyao stopped moving the chopsticks in her hand and began to pick at the noodles absentmindedly. “I used to be stubborn and willful in front of you.”

“That’s the real you. You’re too rational and coolheaded now. In fact, women like you shouldn’t tire themselves out like that. Laugh if you want to, throw a tantrum if you want to, and cry if you want to. No one will criticize you. Just be yourself. Those who care about you will never mind.”

Bai Yaoyao felt as though a ray of sunlight shot through her heart. Her icy heart began to melt slowly. Thinking that he had specially come here just to spend his birthday with her, the corners of her lips began to curl up. She smiled radiantly and said, “Okay, I’ll do everything that I want to in the future. Young Master, you have to guide me!”

Duan Yanhao saw the curve on her lips, and his expression turned soft too. Reaching out his hand, he brushed off a stray strand of hair beside her lips and said softly, “Yes.”

After eating the noodles, Bai Yaoyao pointed to the cake and said, “We still have cake!” Looking at it, she licked her lips in anticipation.

Duan Yanhao knew that she wanted to have dessert. With an indulgent glint in his eyes, he walked to the side and switched on the music box before lighting the candle.

Bai Yaoyao urged him to make a wish, but Duan Yanhao’s lips twitched. Noticing the anticipation in Bai Yaoyao’s eyes, he said, “I wish that—”

“Don’t say it out loud. Just keep it to yourself.”

After blowing out the candles, he cut a slice of cake and served it on a plate for her. He then picked up a lot of mangoes from the cake and placed them on her plate.

Realizing that he knew that she loved mangoes, Bai Yaoyao smiled from ear to ear and began eating.

As they ate, Bai Yaoyao asked curiously, “Duan Yanhao, what did you wish for?”

“Didn’t you tell me to keep it to myself?”