Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 923

Chapter 923 Never Returning To Country E

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Bai Yaoyao narrowed her eyes and answered, “That’s not the same, so you can tell me.”

Duan Yanhao still refused to tell her, but Bai Yaoyao didn’t mind. In the end, more than half of the cake was eaten by her.

Duan Yanhao cleaned the table and went to the kitchen to wash the dishes.

Bai Yaoyao walked over to the music box and changed the songs. Seeing that Duan Yanhao had stepped out of the kitchen, she had a sudden idea and asked, “Do you know how to dance?”

Duan Yanhao didn’t answer and just walked slowly towards Bai Yaoyao. He struck a gentlemanly pose, making Bai Yaoyao smile brightly. She then placed her hand in his, and they started to dance.

Moving along with the music, the two of them began to turn and sway. While dancing, physical contact was inevitable, and it made Bai Yaoyao think of how he had taken care of her when she had her period in Country E. Her face began to blush uncontrollably.

As the music slowed down, Duan Yanhao placed his hands on Bai Yaoyao’s waist and danced slowly. Lowering his head, he could see the flush on Bai Yaoyao’s cheeks. He couldn’t help but feel enticed.

In fact, this atmosphere was perfect for something more.

All of a sudden, the phone rang. Duan Yanhao walked away and saw the missed calls on his cell phone.

Puzzled, Bai Yaoyao asked, “Why aren’t you picking up the call?”

The look on Duan Yanhao’s face was odd. He merely answered calmly, “It’s an unknown number.”

Bai Yaoyao nodded, despite still feeling doubtful deep down. His phone then rang again after receiving a text. Looking at Duan Yanhao flip through the message, she realized that his expression had changed.

This time, she didn’t ask him any questions.

After a while, Bai Yaoyao received Yun Bilu’s call. She explained the situation to her and told her not to worry. She didn’t tell Bilu what time she would return either since she wanted to stay here longer. Sometimes, she also desired the company of others. Perhaps she wanted to muster up some courage and start a new life.

She seemed to have placed her hopes on Duan Yanhao.

Duan Yanhao stared at his phone and remained silent for a long time. He turned around and looked at Bai Yaoyao. “I have something on today. I’ll send you home first.”

Bai Yaoyao’s heart sank. However, she smiled and replied, “It’s fine. I can go back myself.”

As she spoke, she started to walk towards the door. With tightly knitted his brows, Duan Yanhao grabbed her arm from behind and pulled her back. Lowering his head to look at her, he firmly said, “Be good and listen to me.”

Bai Yaoyao raised her head and looked at Duan Yanhao. She smiled radiantly at him and said, “I always listen to you. It’s just that Bilu is worried about me, so I have to hurry and return home now.”

“Okay!” Duan Yanhao’s grip on Bai Yaoyao’s hand tightened. He then headed for his car, pulling her along as they walked towards it.

Bai Yaoyao refused his offer and tried to struggle free. However, she didn’t have enough strength to break free, so she could only follow along without resisting.

Inside the car, Bai Yaoyao was constantly in deep thought. After a while, Duan Yanhao broke the silence and said, “Yaoyao, I have something to tell you. If you still want to become a soldier, then I won’t allow you to quit. If you want to return to Country E—”

“Duan Yanhao, I’ve said before that I’ll never return to Country E.” Bai Yaoyao’s complexion turned pale, but her voice remained resolute as she said that.

The moment Bai Yaoyao thought of Xirong Ziye, her face turned ashen. She guessed that Xirong Ziye had probably married Xiamu Qingyan already. He probably had forgotten about her now, so she had nothing worth reminiscing.

“Okay. I’ll come and pick you up in a few days. Take a good break and have fun for the next several days! When you become a soldier, you won’t have as much freedom as an ordinary citizen.”