Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 925

Chapter 925 Testing Young Master Huangs Self Control

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Huang Yize pinched the corners of his lips, as though trying to conceal something.

Being stared at by Huang Yize, Yun Bilu felt rather conscious. After that, she wondered why she even felt that way. She had just run into his room and didn’t even do anything else. Straightening her back, she said righteously, “I came in because I wanted to show you something.”

Huang Yize looked at how Yun Bilu pouted and thought she looked adorable. She was actually enticing him without being aware of it herself.

A dark glint flashed across his eyes. He stepped forward and grabbed Yun Bilu’s hands, pushing her against the wall. Without a word, he swooped down and kissed her.

Yun Bilu was caught by surprise. Before she could even respond, the kiss had caused her to space out.

She gently thumped Huang Yize’s chest and pushed him away. She really had something to ask him.

After the passionate and lingering kiss ended, Yun Bilu panted while leaning in Huang Yize’s chest. “Huang… Yize… I came here because I wanted to tell you something.”

Huang Yize’s brows twitched, and he sighed quietly. Supporting her with one hand, he caressed her back with the other, calming her breath. “Catch your breath before talking.”


After calming down, Yun Bilu said, “I didn’t come here to hug and kiss you.” She put on a serious expression, gravely afraid that Huang Yize would misunderstand her. Wouldn’t she be a pervert that way?

Huang Yize patted her head gently and said, “I know. You came here to test my self-control.” How could this girl not know how hard he had to control himself every single time? Did she really think that he was a saint?

Confused, Yun Bilu just stared at him. She didn’t understand how she was testing his self-control.

Looking at Yun Bilu’s expression, Huang Yize rubbed his brows and said, “Alright, go on and say what you have to tell me.”

Yun Bilu patted the back of her head and hurriedly showed Huang Yize the news on her phone. “Quick, look at this. After Xirong Ziye woke up, he canceled the wedding with Xiamu Qingyan. What happened? Did he regret his decision? Will he look for Elder Sister Yaoyao now?”

“Are you worried about this?”

“Of course. Xirong Ziye will only hurt Elder Sister Yaoyao. That soldier is so much better. He even sent Elder Sister Yaoyao home today. Also, Elder Sister Yaoyao couldn’t bear to part with him, and it shows that there’s something up between the two of them. Their love is slowly blooming, so Xirong Ziye cannot come in between them now.” Yun Bilu spoke continuously. When she first saw the news, her immediate reaction was to look for Huang Yize.

“Why do you worry so much? That’s Elder Sister Yaoyao’s own business. She has to make her own judgments when it comes to her relationships. No one can decide for her.”

“But I’m afraid that she’ll get hurt.”

“Didn’t she want to be a soldier? After joining the army, she won’t be part of Country E’s force anymore. Xirong Ziye might not be able to find her even if he wants to.”

“I guess you’re right.”

Huang Yize naturally knew why Xirong Ziye did that. It might be because Xirong Ziye might have finally realized what he wanted. It could also be because the Xiamu family was no longer as powerful as before. After Xiamu Qingyan’s disgraceful incident, the Xiamu family had suffered a great blow internationally. Also, they had been taken over by several other families.

Even so, the Xiamu family was still untouchable by the other families. The wedding cancellation ultimately still affected his political career.

After three days, Duan Yanhao came to pick Bai Yaoyao up.

When Bai Yaoyao picked up the call, she was greatly surprised. “Didn’t you say you’ll come in a few days? Why are you here so soon?”