Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 93

Chapter 93: The Jia Family's Dilemma

For a consecutively long consecutive period of time, the Jia family had remained at the center of social attention. The civilians spoke ill about them and cast them aside. It drove the Jia family up the wall.

"Dad, I really want to kill these reporters. They're just like a horde of flies, buzzing around us all day." Jia Dongkun didn't dare to leave the house now. He stayed at home the entire day, missing the beautiful women outside.

After remaining hidden for a long time, it started to feel unbearable.

"He's right! My dear, quickly think of a solution. If this continues, we'll be crowded to death," Mother Jia complained as she watched her entertainment program while wearing a facial mask.

"It's so irritating. It's been so long, but it's still not dying down. Does this mean that our Jia family can only let it be?"

Father Jia was reading the newspapers while listening to his family's complaints. The fury in his heart gradually built up. Watching his son and his sloppy demeanor, he vented his anger and kicked him. "Useless! You only fool around every day! Look at what you've done to our Jia family!"

Jia Dongkun fell flat on his face after being inexplicably kicked by his father. Looking at his father's ghastly pale face, he hurriedly got up and asked, "Dad, what did I do to make you angry at me?"

Father Jia panted with rage. "You're still asking about what you did? I'm livid, as you can see! If it weren't for you, how could our Jia family end up in this state?"

"Dad, I didn't do anything... The most I did was pick up some girls. How would that bother anyone?" Jia Dongkun replied softly.

"Look at yourself! It's infuriating! How can I leave the Jia family in your hands?" With that, he picked up the walking stick beside him and wanted to whack Jia Dongkun with it.

Hearing that, Mother Jia was displeased. She frantically defended her son and yelled, "It still boils down to the fact that you're incapable and unable to protect the Jia family! You're only venting your anger on your son!"

Father Jia pointed at the two of them. "What do you know as a mere housewife? If this idiot hadn't gotten caught offending Yun Bixue and indirectly provoking Young Master Xie, would our Jia family still be in this state?"

"What does that have to do with my son? You were the one who wanted to deal with Young Master Xie right from the start. Why are you blaming your son now? You're just incapable, hmph!"

"You, you..." Father Jia almost passed out from exasperation.

Jia Dongkun tactfully rushed over to offer some comfort. After all, this household was still under the ruling of his father. "Dad, why are you worried? We only followed the Shen family's instructions, and they reassured us that nothing would go wrong. Now that our Jia family is in a mess, why hasn't the Shen family lent us a helping hand?"

Mother Jia also couldn't help but feel dissatisfied. "That's right. What are the Shen family treating us as? We were merely their tool. And they truly are calculatingthe profits of the mining business come from the Shen family and after what happened, they used us as their shield. Such a well-thought-out plan." After gaining some riches, she naturally forgot that everything she had now was bestowed upon by the Shen family. Since there were no longer any more benefits, she simply started criticizing the Shen family.

"Sigh, I've tried looking for Old Master Shen regarding this matter. He said we were currently the center of social attention and should bear with it for now. In the meantime, we should take care not to meet as often."

"You're being naive! Old Master Shen is ditching our Jia family and leaving us in the lurch."

Father Jia shook his head. "That's impossible. The source of the Shen family's wealth depends on our Jia family. They cannot just let it be."

Mother Jia cared only about benefits and money, and not about such matters. "Why is it impossible? This incident generated such a huge fuss yet the Shen family still hasn't shown up. Aren't they just letting us shoulder all the blame? Previously, the Shen family was also hit with a horde of issues, and the reporters were all trying to ambush them. Those scandals finally died down after a great deal of difficulty. How could they be willing to invite trouble to themselves again? You must be muddle-headed to still believe in the Shen family. Hmph!"

Father Jia pondered. As he listened to her words, his face also darkened.