Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 932

Chapter 932 Dont Know How To Comfort Girls

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Yun Bilu rarely revealed such a depressed expression, which made it difficult for Huang Yize to adjust to it in that instant. With knitted brows, he felt his heart ache for her. His gaze also dimmed at the sight of her crying.

He watched as Yun Bilu walked forward in a daze, almost knocking into someone. Huang Yize pulled her hand immediately and said, “Watch where you’re going, or you’ll knock into other people.”

When he pulled Yun Bilu back, he saw her reddened eyes that were like a rabbit’s. Seeing her still sniffling, he felt at a loss of what to do. This girl was usually cheerful and upbeat and did not care about the world. Now that she was crying, it really threw him off guard.

Huang Yize gently wiped away Yun Bilu’s tears. He was not good at comforting people, so he only pursed his lips, his expression turning grim as he did so.

Yun Bilu stared at Huang Yize’s expression and felt that he was unhappy too. She asked, “Do you feel sad for that little fairy too? Is that why you look upset?”

Huang Yize suddenly felt the urge to strangle Yun Bilu. This girl was really driving him crazy.

“Do you think I will feel sad over a movie?”

Yun Bilu shook her head. He did not look like it either. A calm person like him would separate reality from a movie. He would not be that childish.

“Since you think I won’t, stop making wild guesses.” Sometimes, he felt that this girl was slow and dense during times that she should be acting smart.

Yun Bilu stood quietly and let Huang Yize wipe her tears away. His gentle movements warmed her heart and melted away most of her depressed mood.

Seeing how she was being so obedient, he let out a small sigh. There was an indescribable gentleness in his sigh as he said, “Silly girl. How silly.”

This time, Yun Bilu could really hear the gentleness and tenderness in his tone, coupled with an affection that could melt her heart.

In the past, she even got angry over those two words, ‘silly girl,’ thinking that he disliked her for her silliness.

Thinking of that time, Yun Bilu’s face reddened. She bent her head down and rubbed her palms together.

“Not crying anymore?”

Yun Bilu nodded her head. Actually, she was not such an emotional person. It was only because the cute little fairy got abandoned and killed at the end of the movie, making her sad. That scene invoked memories of her childhood.

Huang Yize heaved a sigh of relief after seeing that she stopped crying. He really did not know how to comfort girls. In the Black Dragon Gang, everyone only shed their blood, not tears. He had never seen anyone cry, so he did not know how to comfort her.

However, when Yun Bilu cried, it really made him flustered.

When Huang Yize took Yun Bilu’s hand and started walking, the latter suddenly had a thought. Was it because she had Huang Yize by her side? Was that the reason why she became so emotional?

The more Yun Bilu thought about it, the more it dawned on her. She felt that in front of her boyfriend, she found it easier to be emotional and frail. If she were alone, however, she would definitely hold it in, even if she had tears in her eyes.

In a daze, she said, “Huang Yize, you treat me well. That’s why I cried in front of you just now.”

Right after she said that, she almost slapped her self. What was she saying?

Huang Yize turned around and gave Yun Bilu a penetrating gaze. A passionate storm brewed in the depths of his eyes.

Yun Bilu immediately felt uneasy as she stuttered and tried to explain, “No, I mean, with you by my side, I won’t be emotional anymore. No, no… That’s not it. I mean…” Under the intense pressure from Huang Yize’s gaze, Yun Bilu suddenly felt like she was grasping at straws, unable to explain what she truly felt.

Seeing how she was behaving, Huang Yize’s expression softened. “Yun Bilu, I can actually spoil and pamper you until you start having bad habits? Huh?”

Huang Yize’s tone had many different connotations to it, making Yun Biu’s heart skip a beat. She vigorously shook her head in response.