Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 935

Chapter 935 Missing Bai Yaoyaos Goodness

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Hearing that the both of them were about to go on a holiday, Yun Bixue was over the moon. After all, spending their time together traveling was something she really looked forward to.

She eventually fell asleep while Xie Limo rubbed her stomach.

After covering her with the blanket, Xie Limo left to settle his work. When he returned, Yun Bixue had already splayed her body all over the bed.

Seeing how Yun Bixue took up most of the space on the huge bed, Xie Limo shook his head and laughed. After taking a bath, he got on the bed and carefully shifted Yun Bixue to one side. Lying beside her, he hugged her in his arms.

Feeling the familiar scent and warmth around her, Yun Bixue reflexively adjusted herself to a more comfortable position before falling into a deep sleep.

In Country E.

Xirong Ziye was sitting on the sofa in his house. Even though he was still on an IV drip, he still held the sweater in his other hand. He stared at it, as though he could feel Bai Yaoyao just beside him—like nothing ever changed.

His expression revealed a trace of emptiness and loneliness, and it was mostly filled with the latter.

Whenever he thought of Bai Yaoyao, he would think of how she had another man by her side now. He would feel as though his heart was being stabbed inch by inch, as if he had lost the most important thing in the world. His heart seemed to have been misplaced as well.

When he woke up and realized he was in the hospital, his mind suddenly cleared, realizing that he had been muddled all along.

Perhaps being hospitalized had calmed his wild ambitions. It made him recall many things in the past, and it made him miss Bai Yaoyao even more.

Even though Xiamu Qingyan was capable of taking care of him, he knew that she was different from Bai Yaoyao.

Xiamu Qingyan took care of him because she wanted something in return, while Bai Yaoyao had treated him wholeheartedly without any complaints.

He had also seen the international news and the Xiamu family’s reaction.

While he was hospitalized, the people from the Xiamu family thought that he would not be able to wake up, so they looked for someone to replace him.

In fact, he clearly knew that Xiamu Qingyan was not his first love, no matter how much they looked alike.

He had also seen that unglamorous photograph of Xiamu Qingyan on the international news. From that photo, he could clearly tell that her expression at that moment was not one of worry, but of shock.

That reaction when he fainted made him realize some things. He could not help but mock himself.

At that time, he really missed Bai Yaoyao a lot. He suddenly missed the soups she made for him and her concerned gaze. However, no matter how much he missed these things, he would not be able to experience them again.

Even if he sent his subordinates to search for her, they only knew that she left Country E. They did not know exactly where she went.

Afterwards, he rushed to discharge himself from the hospital. He did not care about the opinion of the Xiamu family and called off his marriage with Xiamu Qingyan.

Although this had caused a stir in Country E, he did not want to leave any regrets for himself again. He knew very well that he only wanted to find that one person in his heart.

Sitting on the sofa, Xirong Ziye thought for a long time. A dark gleam shone in his eyes. He removed the IV catheter from his hand even though it was still dripping.

Seeing Xirong Ziye’s sudden movement, the doctor immediately said, “Mr. President, you can’t do this. Don’t treat your health lightly.”

Xirong Ziye said coldly, “Don’t worry.” He did not seem to care much about his physical condition. He then told his subordinates, “We’re going to the White House!”


Just as they prepared to leave, someone came in and reported that Miss Xiamu wanted to meet him.

Xirong Ziye paused in his steps, his gaze turning dark. He pursed his lips, then said, “Ask her to go back!”

When he called off their marriage, he did not discuss it with Xiamu Qingyan. It was because he was afraid that he would feel guilty and change his mind if he saw that face again.