Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 936

Chapter 936 Xirong Ziyes Heart

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Xirong Ziye knew that he had done Bai Yaoyao wrong, so he really did not wish that upon any other woman. Even though he knew he had done wrong, he wanted to make up for it. However, other than marriage, perhaps he really could not give Xiamu Qingyan anything else.

He simply saw his first love’s shadow in Xiamu Qingyan.

Not long after, someone reported that Xiamu Qingyan insisted that she really wanted to see him and that she wouldn’t leave.

Xirong Ziye sighed deeply as his brows furrowed together. It seemed like his worries couldn’t be solved.

“Tell her that I will not see her. Get her to go back!”


After that, Xirong Ziye turned around and instructed, “We will leave from the side gates!”


Xirong Ziye wanted to take a look at the White House. He felt as if the White House would hold traces of Bai Yaoyao, and that he could find solace only at that place.

As soon as he arrived at the White House, Xirong Ziye called the servant who used to serve Bai Yaoyao and enquired about Bai Yaoyao’s daily life here.

“Whenever Miss Bai was free, she would read books or research about delicious food.”

“When Miss Bai creates a new dish, she would taste it several times, so much so that sometimes her tongue would go numb. She would repeat the process the next day until she got the taste that she was looking for. She would only serve it to you when she’s satisfied.”

“Miss Bai had a picture of her and the president in her wallet. I accidentally discovered it and noticed that she would often look at the picture.”

“Whenever Miss Bai saw news reports about Miss Xiamu and the president, her face would always look hurt, but she would never say anything.”

“Miss Bai would sometimes cry secretly.”

“Sometimes, when the president arrives when Miss Bai is crying, she would wipe away her tears quietly and prepare a meal for him.”

“Miss Bai knows about everything that the president likes…”

Xirong Ziye originally thought that he would find traces of Bai Yaoyao from this visit, but listening to the servant’s words, his heart clenched tightly, and he suddenly found it hard to breathe.

He didn’t know that he had caused her to be that sad. He knew that he had hurt her deeply, but could he still find her?

This time, he truly wanted to make it up to Yaoyao.

He chanted inwardly, “Yaoyao, I’m sorry. You’ve always waited for me in the past. This time, I’ll be the one waiting for you. It will be my turn to treat you nicely. Would that be okay?”

But even if he recited those words in his heart, no one would answer, not to mention that he didn’t know how Bai Yaoyao would reply to that.

Xirong Ziye grabbed at his chest as it throbbed in pain. His heart felt very empty, as though he had lost an important part of it.

Without realizing it, a drop of tear slipped out of his eyes and landed on the back of his hand. His expression changed. Was he crying?

They all said that a man’s tears were hard to find, and it was only seen during the most painful times. Was he truly that upset?

He held onto the wool sweater and buried his head in it. He asked inwardly, “Yaoyao, where are you? Are you hiding away from me on purpose?”

He didn’t treat Bai Yaoyao very well before, so he wanted to make up for it in the future.

Sometimes, he felt that his choices weren’t wrong, but he had never realized that Bai Yaoyao was always in his heart. The time he had spent in the hospital had finally calmed his mind down, allowing him to realize where his heart lay and who it was he truly cared about.

After sitting at the White House for a long time, Xirong Ziye sent an order to his subordinates—find Bai Yaoyao by all means without harming her.