Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 937

Chapter 937 Training In The Deep Night

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Xirong Ziye entered the bedroom that he spent together with Bai Yaoyao. They had once loved each other on that bed. Even now, that scene was still imprinted so clearly in his mind.

And his breath hitched thinking about it.

Xirong Ziye sat on the bed as he touched the bedsheets, as though trying to find traces of Bai Yaoyao, but it was futile. There wasn’t a single whiff of her left here.

The house was cold and empty.

Xirong Ziye’s hand caressed the bedsheets so lightly, as though he was treating a precious treasure. As though he didn’t dare to touch that layer of hurt in his heart.

He recalled the things he used to say and do to hurt her.

He felt that no matter how hard he tried to make it up to her, his heart would still ache.

If Bai Yaoyao were by his side right now, he would definitely embrace her tightly and tell her that he would treat her nicely from now on. He would make it up to her and not let her get hurt again.

Xirong Ziye’s expression was always stiff, and it would only soften minutely when he thought of Bai Yaoyao. Ever since his release from the hospital, he had become more and more immersed in his memories.

He felt that if he continued to stay in reality, if he were to look around him, he would feel indescribably lonely, as though he was the only person here in this villa.

One of his subordinates, who saw the president in a trance, finally spoke up after much deliberation. “Mr. President, there is an international meeting this afternoon.”

Xirong Ziye nodded. “Okay. Move my belongings over in the afternoon. I will stay here temporarily.”

The subordinate gasped. “Mr. President, this place is very far from the parliament house. It would take a long time to travel between the two places.”

“I’ve already decided. You just have to follow my orders.”

“I understand.”

As if thinking of something, the subordinate said respectfully, “Mr. President, if you were to stay here, the Xiamu family might say things and think that you are thinking of Miss Bai. They might cancel the engagement.”

“That’s no problem!”

Xirong Ziye once signed the engagement for the president position and abandoned Bai Yaoyao, so he would not allow the same reason to separate him and Bai Yaoyao again.

And right now, he was afraid that he was too late—that Yaoyao had already found another person to love and would never look for him again.

Although he appeared calm, Xirong Ziye’s heart was in a mess, so much so that he was easy to wake even when he was sleeping.

Sometimes, when he looked at the night sky, he would think about how he felt when she left. He would reminisce about the pouring rain and how he could not see her expression. Now that he thought about it, her form was trembling when she left.

“Yaoyao, Yaoyao, where are you?”

Meanwhile, Bai Yaoyao had already entered the army. The training during the day was tough, so the female soldiers tended to rest early when night approached.

Somehow, the more tired she was, the more fulfilling she felt as it fueled her excitement.

It felt as if she had found her direction and goal in life. She wanted to become the best female soldier.

When she slept that night, somehow, she dreamt of Xirong Ziye, and her heart ached immensely. After waking from that dream, she couldn’t fall back asleep.

With a hand on her face, she sighed. It had been a long time since she saw Xirong Ziye and a long time since she had been awoken from her sleep. She had no idea why it happened tonight.

Since she couldn’t fall asleep, she did not want to waste time. Trying hard not to make any noise, she got up from the bed and trained alone at the training field.

At that moment, only sweat and fatigue could empty her mind.

Little did she know that Duan Yanhao was there too, looking from a distance.

Duan Yanhao’s assistant rubbed his eyes as he stared. “Major… That… Is that one of the new female recruits? Is she trying to kill herself?”