Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 939

Chapter 939 The Major And Yaoyao

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After standing at the same spot for a long time, his assistant finally spoke up. "Major, isnt it about time for us to head back as well?"

Duan Yanhao nodded his head. "Yes."

Although he acknowledged his assistants statement, he did not move.

The assistant thought, "Could it be that this female soldier was someone special to the Major?"

All he knew was that this new recruit entered because of the Majors recommendation, but for the past few days, the Major did not talk to that soldier at all.

The strange thing was that the Major would spy on their training. At first, he thought that he was just observing the training situation in the army, but now that he thought about it, that wasnt true. The Major was only watching a single person.

But as an assistant, he should not be such a busybody.

Even though he knew he shouldnt be a busybody, he couldnt help but want to find out more. After all, he had been by the Majors side for over two years, and he had never seen a woman by his side, nor had he seen him get interested in anyone.

That was why when he saw the amount of attention the Major had on this soldier, he couldnt help but be curious.

This new recruit did have a certain charm that impressed people. Perhaps one day, she would become the pride of all the female soldiers.

However, becoming a soldier was a difficult process, especially if they wanted to be an outstanding one. They had to go through even tougher training. He would look on and see how determined she was and how long she could persevere.

The Major would probably look over her during this period of time as well.

Moreover, there was a test every month, so he hoped that she would be able to impress everyone.

If she were to become an exceptionally outstanding soldier, she would be part of the Majors personally-led troops. Perhaps that would be more interesting.

The assistant suddenly felt that his days in the army wouldnt be boring from now on.

Duan Yanhao stood there for a long while before he turned to leave.

After Bai Yaoyao returned to the barracks, she fell asleep on her bed