Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Cannot Offend Young Master Xie and Yun Bixue

The more Father Jia thought, the more he felt that things were amiss. Old Master Shen's attitude had been drastically different from before, and this puzzled him. He broke into a cold sweat, at a loss on what to do.

As he paced anxiously around in circles, he noticed the reporters outside. He couldn't leave the house; once he left, he would be targeted and subjected to interrogation. These reporters were getting more and more brazen.

Recalling Young Master Xie and Miss Yun, Father Jia's forehead started breaking out into a cold sweat. The couple weren't people they could trifle withthey were capable of all kinds of means.

Someone had reported to him what his son did that day at the Luxury Emperor. At that moment, he still refused to fully believe it, but now, he thought that Miss Yun was definitely not an easy target.

Could it be that Young Master Xie was also seeking revenge on the Jia family this time too? He knew that Young Master Xie pampered his wife, but he was spoiling her to the core. With Young Master Xie's keen enthusiasm to enact changes after taking on his new role, Father Jia wished that the Jia family would not be affected.

Without even being clear of Young Master Xie's background, his son had dared to commit such an act. It was all because Old Master Shen had intentionally offered up the Jia family as cannon fodder. "Sigh, you're just too stupid. You've offended both Young Master Xie and Yun Bixue. What are you going to do in the future?"

"My dear, is it really so serious?"

"You don't know the lengths that Young Master Xie can go to. He's just taken on his new role, but everything is still running smoothly under his jurisdiction. The prestigious and influential families attempted to overturn Young Master Xie to prevent him from wielding control over Ning An City, but look at the situation now. He's still ruling over all the matters quite capably. I already said that he's not someone that we can offend. What should we do now?" Father Jia paced around in circles.

"My dear, hurry and make a call. Go ask your friends and seek help from everyone. The Jia family can't collapse!" It was only now that Mother Jia realized the gravity of the situation. She had been too used to being the wife of a wealthy family and had never lived a day of poverty. The Jia family must be protected.

"That's right, Dad, quickly make the calls. I'll call my friends and ask around too." Although Jia Dongkun was stupid, he knew that all his money came from the Jia family. Without money, how could he still pick up girls?

However, regardless of the number of calls they made, almost none of them picked up the phone.

Finally, a close friend answered his call and spoke sincerely, "Brother Jia, what happened to your Jia family this time is truly too serious. It even alerted Tian Jing City. If Young Master Xie hadn't personally stepped in, the Jia family would be sealed away after an investigation. We won't be able to help!"

Someone else offered a suggestion. "Only Young Master Xie can handle this matter. However, your son managed to offend Young Master Xie, so dealing with it now won't be an easy feat. We all know that Young Master Xie is well-known for being protective of his loved ones. Nobody is reckless enough to provoke him, let alone his wife. Your son is truly daring!"

After ending the call, Father Jia felt as though he had aged instantaneously. Sitting down, he was at a loss on what to do.

Even though he called the Shen family, no one picked up the phone. They must have done it on purpose; the Shen family intended to leave the Jia family in the lurch. What could they do now? He truly couldn't come up with any ideas.

In the past, such matters were suppressed through bribery, but with the mining matter growing more and more intense, it couldn't be contained at all. He had no clue why the victims' families were acting so fervently. There must be someone backing them up.

The Jia family were like cats on a hot tin roof. Many of Ning An City's prestigious and influential families were also closely monitoring this issue to see how Young Master Xie would handle it. This would also directly influence the beacon in everyone's hearts.

At this moment, in Young Master Xie's villa.

Yun Bixue ate the dishes that Young Master Xie had prepared and nodded with praise. "Limo, your culinary skills are improving."

Xie Limo lovingly caressed Yun Bixue's hair. "I should say that my dear is getting easier to satisfy." Seeing that she was enjoying her meal, he felt more lighthearted himself. Regardless of how tired he felt in the day, as long as he returned home in the evening to see his wife, his feelings would brighten up.