Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 940

Chapter 940 Becoming Obedient

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Duan Yanhao’s movements were gentle as his brows furrowed slightly together.

Bai Yaoyao lowered her head to look at her elbow. She didn’t think much of her bruises. She used to care about her appearance when she was younger, but she understood later that no matter how much you cared, no matter how pretty you were, that person would not look at you.

After that, she thought that it was useless no matter how beautiful one looked. If that person truly loved you, they would not care much about it.

That was why in order to become outstanding, she would work hard. Even if her body became ridden with scars, she would not mind.

Bai Yaoyao was in shock, looking at how Duan Yanhao was applying medication for her. No one had ever treated her this nicely before, so she did not know how to react when someone actually did.

That was why she was standing dumbly at her original spot.

Noticing that Bai Yaoyao was being obedient, Duan Yanhao’s brows knitted even more tightly together. Somehow, his heart clenched tightly as it throbbed in pain.

There were many moments when he looked at Bai Yaoyao and felt that she was like a pitiful animal that was abandoned. Sometimes he couldn’t help but want to treat her nicely and adore her.

With his brows knitted, he applied medication on Bai Yaoyao’s right elbow. He tried to soften his tone as he asked, “Why are you not talking?”

Bai Yaoyao thought for a while before she spoke up. “Good evening, Major.” In a camp, there were honorifics and hierarchy that they had to follow. She was a new recruit while he was a major. Usually, even her instructor did not have the right to see Duan Yanhao.

Hearing how Bai Yaoyao addressed him, Duan Yanhao’s expression chilled several degrees, and the atmosphere in the entire room seemed to turn into an icy desert at that moment.

“Bai Yaoyao, after you entered the camp, are you intending to become a stranger?”

Hearing Duan Yanhao’s cold voice, Bai Yaoyao raised her head slightly to look at him, and her heart clenched tightly.

He was the one who did not wish to see her. As a new recruit, even if she wanted to see him, she couldn’t.

And at that moment, looking at him, Bai Yaoyao thought, “Could it be that I’m working hard, so I can have the power and authority to see him in the future?”

Her heart was still floating aimlessly without a place to shore on. Although she was keen on getting closer, she was afraid as well. She wanted to meet someone who would adore her, but she was afraid that it was all a delusion.

Against Bai Yaoyao’s silence, Duan Yanhao really had no way to deal with her. He lowered his head to lock his gaze with hers and asked, “Are you really not going to talk to me?”

Bai Yaoyao mumbled under her breath, “It was you who did not want to see me. You’re a major, so I wouldn’t dare.”

Looking at how Bai Yaoyao looked so wronged, Duan Yanhao’s heart stirred, and he could not help but pull her into an embrace. His arms tightened around her. She always had her ways to make him lose control.

Bai Yaoyao leaned into Duan Yanhao’s chest and listened to his heart beat. She was suddenly filled with the urge to cry.

She had always wished for an embrace that would make her feel safe. Even if she was tired, as long as she could lean on someone for a while, it would be okay. But after so many years of effort, she had never met such a person.

When she met Duan Yanhao, she was afraid and hesitant. After all, she was not like her past self. She no longer had so much energy to spare.

However, as he hugged her now, she did not push him away because she couldn’t help but seek that ounce of warmth he offered.

From his hug, Duan Yanhao could feel that Bai Yaoyao got thinner. He lowered his head and asked, “Have you been eating well? Why did you become thinner?”

“You’re wrong. I did not become thinner.”

Hearing that statement, Duan Yanhao heaved a sigh of relief. He could still see a trace of Bai Yaoyao’s usual self.