Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 943

Chapter 943 Have To Live On

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Duan Yanhao personally drove the military car and brought Bai Yaoyao to the woods behind. When they reached the base of the mountain, he stopped the car and walked up with her.

Under the night sky, the cold wind blew on, and the leaves rustled.

Duan Yanhao turned to Bai Yaoyao beside him and asked, “Are you afraid?”

Bai Yaoyao shook her head. “I’m not.”

Duan Yanhao laughed lightly. “That’s brave of you.”

“Isn’t it just the woods? Besides, I have a major by my side, so of course I won’t be afraid!” Although she didn’t understand the purpose of Duan Yanhao bringing her here, she trusted him. Even if he did not say anything, she would still willingly follow him.

Duan Yanhao’s expression turned stern. “Yaoyao, look over there. Those graves by the cliff are the graves of honor of former soldiers.”

Looking at where Duan Yanhao pointed and hearing his words, Bai Yaoyao’s expression shifted. She looked at the graves lined up one after another, and an unfamiliar feeling rose in her heart. Her expression turned serious as well.

Duan Yanhao bowed in that direction, and she followed his action, bowing in that direction as well.

A long while after they paid their respects, Duan Yanhao spoke slowly, “Yaoyao, those were my brothers in the camp. Accidents can easily happen, even during a well-planned mission. They were all warriors who sacrificed themselves for the country.”

Hearing Duan Yanhao’s words, a deep respect formed in her heart as she placed her gaze in that direction.

Duan Yanhao took in a deep breath before he continued seriously, “Yaoyao, do you know why I brought you here?”

Bai Yaoyao shook her head. She really didn’t know why.

Duan Yanhao looked gravely at her and said, “What I wished to tell you was that although we live in a time of peace, terrorists and wars between countries do exist. When you become an outstanding soldier, you would have to accept a lot of missions and go through many life-threatening situations. I hope that you can survive. You have to survive no matter what.”

Bai Yaoyao finally understood why Duan Yanhao brought her here. She looked at Duan Yanhao and saw the worry in his gaze. He was so sincere in his words that she could not avert her eyes.

“I understand. I will become strong enough and outstanding enough so that I can survive all the missions.” Actually, she was not afraid of death. From the day she became a soldier, she knew all the risks and knew that death was part of it.

But if there was someone in this world who wished for her continued existence, then she would do her best to protect herself and cling onto her life.

Duan Yanhao’s cold expression softened. “Even so, you cannot train like what you are doing right now. You will overtire yourself.”

It would not be farfetched to say that Duan Yanhao hoped for Bai Yaoyao to work hard, but at the same time, he was afraid that she would exhaust herself.

“I understand. I know my limits. You don’t have to worry.” After speaking, Bai Yaoyao seemed to have thought of something. Her gaze shifted, and her tone became more gentle. “Duan Yanhao, did you go through those life-threatening situations to reach where you are right now?”

Duan Yanhao’s expression revealed a hint of sorrow. He did not reply, but from the pain radiating from his eyes, Bai Yaoyao could understand what he was feeling.

She did not know what he was thinking about, but at that moment, she could do nothing to console him other than to be by his side.

At that point, Bai Yaoyao finally found her goal. She thought that if she were to become outstanding enough, one day, she would be able to become his assistant and accompany him during missions.

However, at that moment, Bai Yaoyao felt a sharp pain on her leg, and she couldn’t help but gasp loudly.