Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 947

Chapter 947 Treasure Every Day

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At that moment, Yun Bixue could not put into words her feelings about the Su family’s current plight. Perhaps she just could not bear seeing them in such a state.

In fact, after going through so much, she did not consider herself a compassionate person either. However, hearing the news about the Su family made her shocked and upset all the same.

She still remembered the prosperous and honorable times of the Su family. At that time, the Su family and the Yun family were also considered one of the top noble families in Ning An City.

Afterwards, the Yun family went bankrupt. She only understood later that her grandfather had secretly transferred the Yun family’s businesses out. Today, the good name of the Snow Cloud Group had reached far and wide.

On the other hand, the Su family was still struggling against the currents.

Su Lenghan bore the brunt of all these experiences. The person he had once loved had tried to kill his daughter and fled after stealing his assets. She did not care whether he lived or not.

People said that a day together as husband and wife meant days of endless devotion. She could rack her brains as much as she wanted and still could not make heads or tails of what Meng Xinyan’s heart was made of.

How could she be so cruel and ruthless? How could she not show any shred of care or concern at all?

If she were in her position, she would definitely not be able to do it. Even if it was for the child, she would not have done that!

Xie Limo was typing away as he heard Yun Bixue’s continuous sighs. He smoothed her knitted brows with his finger and asked gently, “You look so down right now. Other people would think that you’re feeling really sad!”

“I just don’t understand.”

“What do you not understand?”

“Why Meng Xinyan did what she did.”

Seeing Yun Bixue’s depressed look, he wrapped one arm around her waist and said gently, “You know that Meng Xinyan didn’t feel any remorse when she ran away with the Su Family Organization’s funds. You’re just sentimental that a person’s life passed by so fast.”

Yun Bixue nodded her head. With a trace of sadness in her eyes, she was still a little dazed. “Yeah, a person could be gone just like that. She left really soon. Actually, I don’t really hate Meng Xinyan that much.”

“Yeah, my wife is kind.”

In an emotional voice, Yun Bixue said, “Strictly speaking, her petty thoughts and schemes were really not up to standard. She was just too extreme and willful. I can still remember how she looked like in front of the media and everyone else a year ago.”

Xie Limo arched his exquisite brows. A gentle glow radiated in his eyes as he said in a warm voice, “So you mean to say that life is short and that we must treasure our lives and every single day we have.”

As he said that, he stared at Yun Bixue with a serious yet tender gaze. If he did not meet her, his life in Ning An City would definitely be lonesome and boring.

Yun Bixue let Xie Limo caress her hair as she said, “Limo, after we go to Tian Jing City, we’ll still be together forever, right?”

“Why are you talking like this?”

Yun Bixue simply felt uneasy deep down. Perhaps she loved and depended too much on him.

Xie Limo turned and hugged Yun Bixue in his arms. He patted her back as he said, “Alright, don’t feel sad anymore. You’re mine, and no one can snatch you or take you away from me.”

“Okay.” Hearing Xie Limo’s domineering and possessive words, Yun Bixue’s heart felt reassured.

After chatting for a while, they went outside to buy some tonics and supplements. Afterwards, they headed to the hospital to visit Su Lenghan.

Seeing him lying on the bed in a haggard and frail state, Yun Bixue did not know whether to lament or console him.

Seeing the couple before him, Su Lenghan sat up on the bed and said weakly, “Really sorry to bother you both to come and visit me.”

Yun Bixue hesitated for a moment before she asked, “Su Lenghan, do you know about Meng Xinyan’s matter?”