Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 959

Chapter 959 What Is Poor? What Is Rich?

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A self-mocking sneer appeared on Fu Yizhou’s face, and his entire body became deathly still. He looked at Xie Limo intently and suddenly wondered if he should feel honored that Young Master Xie had personally came by and spoke to him before he died. At least he had some value.

Fu Yizhou snickered. “You’re indeed Young Master Xie. You know everything.”

Xie Limo seemed to be always prepared and favored by everyone, and it made him feel jealous and envious all the time.

Yun Bixue just wanted to ask some questions. Meng Xinyan had passed away, and perhaps Fu Yizhou would know something about it.

All in all, she wanted to get a better understanding of the issue for the Su Family Organization’s sake.

However, with her husband here, she felt that this conversation had evolved into an interrogation.

What shocked her was how Xie Limo had found out about everything. How did he know about Fu Yizhou’s relationship?

Could he have sent his subordinates to check on Fu Yizhou’s details? But how come it was so quick?

Her husband usually never handled such trivial matters. At least in her eyes, Fu Yizhou was an insignificant figure who wasn’t worth the trouble.

In fact, Yun Bixue had still underestimated how much she meant to her husband. As long as it was something that she wanted to find out, or something that she had doubts, her husband would always do something about it. Even if she didn’t request for it, he would quietly do it for her.

Just as Yun Bixue pondered, Fu Yizhou’s shrill laughter reverberated throughout the room. His laughter was awful to hear.

He glared at Yun Bixue and said, “Young Madam, you were born with a silver spoon. How would you know the troubles of poor people like us? How would you know the misery we experience? No, you would never know. You don’t even understand!” Fu Yizhou’s eyes were bloodshot, and his tone was fuming.

Yun Bixue was taken aback. Frowning, she said, “Fu Yizhou, you’re really incorrigible. What does it mean to be poor? And what does it mean to be rich? As the head of the Su Family Organization’s finance department, you can lead a carefree life with your pay, so do you still think that you’re poor?”

“You don’t understand at all. How would you understand? My pay and benefits were a joke. Let me ask you, do you care about those at all? That bit of money probably isn’t enough for you to buy anything.” Fu Yizhou laughed again, and his laughter was shrill and condescending. It seemed like he hated the world with all his heart.

As Fu Yizhou spoke with that unpleasant tone, Young Master Xie’s aura turned icy.

Yun Bixue could feel the air surrounding Xie Limo. She pulled his hand, afraid that he might do something. She still wanted to find out more from Fu Yizhou.

“Fu Yizhou, you’re really sick in the mind. Wealth is all relative. Everyone is working hard to survive, and all of us have our own problems. What matters is our attitude. Judging from your words, does that mean that the lowest employees of the Organization don’t need to try to survive anymore?” Yun Bixue looked at Fu Yizhou somewhat pitifully. She thought that he was mentally unstable, so no wonder he did something like that.

Fu Yizhou banged his cuffed hands against the table. In a miserable yet furious voice, he answered, “Have you experienced my pain? I slogged off to buy a house and build a family with her. I wasn’t afraid of having to work hard and being exhausted. I didn’t mind working overtime. But what did she do? She said that I was too poor and found a rich young master. She said that that man can let her lead a comfortable life filled with luxury.”