Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 964

Chapter 964 Going Home

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Actually, Yun Bixue was clearly aware of his feelings. Fu Yizhous situation, on top of Xie Limos expression and the story he had just told, revealed it all.

Hearing Yun Bixues words, an exquisite glint shone in Xie Limos eyes, and at that moment, his glimmering eyes were the most enchanting.

He slightly tightened his hug around Yun Bixues waist and murmured, "Youre really my treasure."

Yun Bixue retorted playfully, "If Im not your treasure, who would that be?"

Xie Limo chuckled and tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear as he said gently, "Theres no one else. Its only you. Youre my one and only."

Yun Bixue finally smiled in satisfaction.

After getting off the car, Xie Limo held Yun Bixues hand as they walked inside their home. Xie Limo was still the one cooking, while Yun Bixue accompanied him at the side and chatted with him.

Whenever both of them returned to the villa, the servants would retreat to give the couple privacy and let them enjoy their time together.

Even though there were only two people in the wide and spacious living room, warmth could be felt from every corner of the house.

Not long after, the Lin Wei whom Fu Yizhou wanted to look for had been found. The next day, someone brought her over.

A haggard woman appeared in front of her. Her face had visibly aged and was not exceptionally beautiful. She was quite an ordinary lady and even had a few strands of white hair on her head.

She could not see how such a woman like her could make Fu Yizhou choose a crooked path and cause his mind to become so twisted.

However, Xie Limo could tell what she was thinking and whispered into her ear, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

Yun Bixue thought that his words made sense. Although others might not look on favorably, the most important thing was still for two people to like each other.

The ladys eyes were slightly red. It was obvious that she had cried on her way here.

Yun Bixue walked up to her and said, "He really wants to see you one last time."

Lin Wei grasped the hem of her shirt and started shedding tears quietly.