Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 965

Chapter 965 Old Friend

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If it were not for the drop-dead gorgeous looks of her own husband, Mr. Xie, she would almost think that this man looked stunning. The man had an attractive charm about him, which was touched with a hint of loneliness.

It was really strange of him to go up to them directly to look for Bai Yaoyao. This was not the usual way of things.

Although this man was dressed in a refined and exquisite manner, his demeanor revealed the weariness of a person who had gone through a lot in life.

Even then, it did not suppress the elegant and pristine aura radiating from him.

While Yun Bixue was sizing up the man before them, Xie Limo’s eyes narrowed. He realized that this man was the president of Country E the moment he told them his name.

Now that the president of Country E came personally to Ning An City, things had become more complicated, especially when he came to their doorstep to find them.

After a moment’s thought, Xie Limo had already guessed most of what had probably happened.

Although Xirong Ziye looked drained and weary, there was still a glow in his eyes.

Xirong Ziye tried his best to make his attitude more sincere and his image appealing. After all, he came to find Bai Yaoyao this time to make up to her. He wanted to treat her nicely now.

As much as he felt anxious deep down, he tried his best to suppress his feelings at that moment.

Looking at the President’s behavior now, the subordinate felt so nervous that his mouth almost fell open. The President had always been so high and mighty, as though he was the most respectable person in the world. He had never been so humble and gentle before. Furthermore, he was smiling so gently to strangers that even he himself felt alarmed.

The atmosphere remained calm but awkward. After a moment’s silence, Yun Bixue asked him, “How are you related to Bai Yaoyao?”

Xirong Ziye knitted his brows as he struggled to say something. How was he related to her? His heart throbbed. He never expected that there would be a day where he could not find a word to describe what he was to her.

Xirong Ziye suppressed his feelings and slowly said, “I am her old friend!”

Yun Bixue’s expression stiffened. ‘Old friend’ was a term that had several meanings to it. Who knew what kind of ‘old friend’ this man was referring to?

Whenever Yun Bixue met with a situation where she had to think, she would always look to Xie Limo first for help.

When she turned to look at Xie Limo, she realized that her Mr. Xie’s expression was a little strange. It seemed very grave.

Later, in the living room, Xie Limo and Xirong Ziye sat facing each other. As for Yun Bixue, she sat at the side and served them tea.

“I’m really sorry to trouble the two of you. However, I haven’t been able to contact her at all, that’s why I had no choice but to come and bother you both.”

Seeing how the man before her maintained a courteous demeanor despite his elegant and high status, Yun Bixue did not find him unpleasing either. If she knew the truth about Bai Yaoyao and Xirong Ziye’s relationship, Yun Bixue would probably be chasing him out with a broom by now.

Yun Bixue pursed her lips and said, “I’ll be honest with you. Yaoyao has already left. As to where exactly she went, I am not sure either.”

Xirong Ziye’s heart clenched. His body stiffened, and his face turned slightly pale as he asked, “She’s not in Ning An City?”

Yun Bixue nodded. “After my wedding, she was in a rush to leave. As to where she was going, she did not say either. To assure us, she called us to say that she was safe when she reached her destination. I thought that she did not want to say it, so I did not ask her further about it.”

“S-She…” Xirong Ziye had a pained expression on his face as he struggled to find his words.

Xie Limo drank his tea gracefully and asked calmly, “Sir, may I know why you are looking for her?” As he said that, Xie Limo narrowed his eyes slightly at Xirong Ziye.

Although Bai Yaoyao’s affairs had nothing to do with him, given his wife’s temperament and how Bai Yaoyao was her best friend, she would definitely be concerned. That was why he decided to get involved when it was appropriate.

After being questioned, Xirong Ziye felt bitterness in his heart. He stared at the two people before him and knew they were not common folk. He never knew that Bai Yaoyao had friends of such status. No wonder he could not find her despite expending his power and resources.