Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 966

Chapter 966 Bai Yaoyaos Whereabouts

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Yun Bixue fixed her gaze on Xirong Ziye as she asked, “Yeah, why exactly are you looking for Yaoyao?”

Yun Bixue was thinking while she observed this man’s expression. The last time Yaoyao came back, her spirits were consistently low. It was as if she had changed a lot. Limo said that she was probably going through a heartbreak. Did this man have anything to do with that?

Countless thoughts swirled in her head, but she still could not understand. That was why she could only ask in this way.

Xirong Ziye was not prepared to give an answer either. Before he came, he just wanted to find Bai Yaoyao. He did not expect her not to be here.

Of course, it was impossible not to feel disappointed.

Xirong Ziye sucked in his breath and slowly said, “I am her ex-boyfriend. I just want to treat her well, that’s why I’m looking for her now.”

Yun Bixue was stunned.

On the other hand, Xie Limo took his time to sip his tea as he replied calmly, “You said you’re her ex-boyfriend, so you’re not now.”

If Xirong Ziye were in his usual demeanor, his aura would be somehow at par with Xie Limo’s. However, because he felt guilty deep down, he did not know what to say when he met with such a cold response.

Yun Bixue was a woman, so she was the most sensitive. Her expression became slightly aloof as she asked, “Did you hurt Yaoyao?”

When faced with such a question, Xirong Ziye really did not know how to answer.

Noticing his silence, Yun Bixue could guess it already. She thought seriously for a moment before saying, “I think you should leave. Yaoyao is not here.” She could not bring herself to be polite to a person who had hurt her best friend.

Despite his unwillingness, Xirong Ziye eventually left.

The moment he left, Yun Bixue immediately called Bai Yaoyao.

It was the weekend, and at that moment, Bai Yaoyao was eating with Duan Yanhao. Seeing that it was Yun Bixue who was calling, she picked up the call and said, “Hey, Bixue.”

“Yaoyao, something big happened. A person named Xirong Ziye came to my house to find you. He said he’s your ex-boyfriend and wanted to find you to treat you well…”

Hearing Yun Bixue go on and on at the other end of the line, Bai Yaoyao’s hand trembled. She could not believe what she was hearing.

She left because Xirong Ziye abandoned her. Why would he come and find her personally?

Bai Yaoyao did not dare to believe it. However, Yun Bixue was her best friend, and they were as close as biological sisters. What she said must be true. Furthermore, Yun Bixue did not know of Xirong Ziye’s existence and status. If she could mention his name, it must have been true.

Bai Yaoyao stood up in a daze and walked to the side to continue the conversation.

She turned back and glanced cautiously at Duan Yanhao. Realizing that his expression remained normal while he continued to eat, it made her heart feel a little guilty. She did not know why she felt that way.

After a moment’s thought, she felt that she was not doing anything wrong. Besides, she was not in a relationship with Duan Yanhao, so she should not feel guilty!

Bai Yaoyao lowered her voice and whispered, “You didn’t tell him anything about me, right?”

“I don’t know him well, so of course I didn’t reveal much. I didn’t tell him where you are. Seeing his expression, I can tell that he looks pretty sad. Yaoyao, do you really have a thing with him?”

Bai Yaoyao knew that Bixue was only worried about her. However, this issue was not something she could describe in a few words, so she just said, “Bixue, help me keep this secret. Just pretend that you don’t know anything. During this period, let’s cut off our contact and keep it as little as possible. I ended my relationship with him long ago. Just take it that he doesn’t exist.”

Actually, she did not believe that Xirong Ziye would regret and want to treat her nicely now. Furthermore, her heart was already dead for him. She cried out of desolation for such a long time before she could bring herself to slowly walk out of that relationship. She would not be so foolish again.

Hearing Bai Yaoyao’s request, Yun Bixue nodded and replied, “Don’t worry, I know what to do. But I think he will continue staying in Ning An City for a while.”