Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 967

Chapter 967 Theres A Basketball Competition

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Hearing Yun Bixue’s words, Bai Yaoyao’s face turned pale. She really did not expect Xirong Ziye to go to Ning An City to find her.

She thought that they would never cross paths again.

Bai Yaoyao bit her lips before she said, “Bixue, just take it that he doesn’t exist. Do what you need to do. From now on, we should have as little contact with each other as possible. I will call and check in with you again after some time.”

Hearing Bai Yaoyao’s serious tone, Yun Bixue could tell that things were not so simple. She agreed and said, “Don’t worry, I will.”

After thinking about it, Bai Yaoyao still felt that it was not enough, so she added, “Bixue, your Mr. Xie knows his identity. I will have to trouble you guys to help me keep my situation secret for the time being.”

“We’re as close as sisters, so there’s no trouble at all. I’ll be assured as long as you can take care of yourself.”

Bai Yaoyao turned and glanced at Duan Yanhao. Her expression softened slightly as she replied, “I’m doing pretty fine now. Don’t worry about me.”

After ending the call, Bai Yaoyao returned to the table to eat. Seeing that the dishes before her remained untouched, she knew that Duan Yanhao had been waiting for her. Even the food he picked for himself were those that she did not like to eat. He almost never picked from her favorite dishes.

He looked like he never cared, but he was actually very considerate. She could not help but feel touched.

Luckily, she had him by her side during her most hopeless and heartbreaking time in life. With him around, she was able to take small steps to overcome her insomnia and pain.

After talking to Bai Yaoyao on the phone, Yun Bixue remained in deep thought. After a short while, she poured herself a glass of water and drank it as she continued to think.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, she looked up and saw Xie Limo walking out from the study. She recalled Bai Yaoyao’s words and asked him, “Limo, what’s Xirong Ziye’s identity? Yaoyao said that you know.”

Xie Limo pursed his charming lips before saying, “He’s the president of Country E!”

As soon as Yun Bixue heard Xie Limo’s answer, she almost spat out the water she had just sipped. It was so shocking that even her hands were trembling. “Limo, you’re not kidding, right?”

Xie Limo raised his brows as he descended the steps in a graceful manner. He merely smiled and did not say anything more.

Yun Bixue knew that he would never lie to her. It was just that she found it hard to believe how Yaoyao became entangled in a relationship with the president of Country E. This was really testing the limits of one’s heart.

Frankly speaking, she really had too many questions in her head, but she promised Bai Yaoyao to cut contact with her for now, so she could only hold them in.

As Yun Bixue pondered, she recalled that Bilu was the one who found and brought Bai Yaoyao back. Furthermore, Bilu was in Country E, so she might actually know something about it.

Yun Bixue was about to pick up her phone again, muttering to herself, “I’ll ask Bilu. She might know something about it.”

Xie Limo lifted his wrist and checked the time before telling Yun Bixue, “She’s having a class now. You can call her later during dinner.”

Yun Bixue could only withhold her curiosity and wait until evening to make the call.

In Noel Harlem University, Country E

Yun Bilu followed Huang Yize to class as usual. This time, however, she was listening attentively and appeared focused.

After class, Yun Bilu started packing her bag in a hurry and was about to run outside, but Huang Yize grabbed her arm and held her back. “You’re in a rush again. Where are you going?”

Yun Bilu snickered and told him, “Well, isn’t there a basketball competition later in the afternoon? Our school’s taking part in it, so I’ll go and take a look.”

Huang Yize’s expression darkened, and his eyes shone with a sharp glimmer.

Yun Bilu struggled to remove her arm from his grasp as she said, “Quick, let me go. If I don’t go now, it’ll be too late.”

At that moment, Yun Bilu had no idea that her anxiousness to leave would make Huang Yize angry.