Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 97

Chapter 97: A Little Nervous

Xie Limo sighed softly. "Mother, are you sure you want to come?"

"I know you dote on your wife. Rest assured, I will also love my daughter-in-law dearly. I can even take care of the both of you when I'm there." Even through the phone, the woman's voice sounded cheerful and ecstatic.

After ending the call, Xie Limo watched Yun Bixue, who was still bustling away, and walked over to gently wrap his arms around her body. He rested his head on hers and planted a light peck on her forehead. He said, "Mother says she wants to come over to see you."

"Ah!" Yun Bixue was startled. She lifted up her head and widened her bright eyes, her mouth forming an 'O' shape.

Looking at the silly expression on her face, he couldn't imagine how imposing she usually looked on the days when she dealt with the Jia and Shen families. His heart melted into a puddle as he watched her; she looked like the kitten they'd raised at home in the past. He reached out to caress her hair. "Why are you so shocked?"

After Yun Bixue snapped out of her shock, she abruptly pushed Xie Limo away and said frantically, "Hurry, the house hasn't been tidied up! No, there are still so many things to buy."

Watching Yun Bixue hastily rushing up to the second floor, Xie Limo shook his head. Tucking his hands into his pockets, his aura was laid-back yet elegant. He chuckled, "Enough, no need to run around. The earliest she'll arrive will still be two days later. Mother will definitely be prepared."

"Limo, in that case, what do I really need to prepare? My heart is pounding right now!" Yun Bixue covered her chest; her heart was hammering due to her anxiety.

A tremor shot through Xie Limo's chest as he laughed. "There's nothing to prepare. Mother is only here to see you, so the one who needs to prepare is her. You only need to stay close to your husband."

Yun Bixue was feeling rather doubtful as she went downstairs to Xie Limo's side. She batted her eyelids while asking, "Really? Are you lying to me? I have no experience, so you have to let me know."

"Yes, it's true. But, then again, my mother's personality is pretty energetic. You'll need to adapt to it."

"Then, do you think your mother will like me?"

"Of course she will. She'll naturally like someone that her son has chosen."

Yun Bixue had never experienced such a feeling before. When she met Su Lenghan's parents in the past, she only felt slightly out-of-place at most, but never nervous. What was wrong with her this time? "But I still feel worried."

On the contrary, Xie Limo enjoyed watching his wife behaving in such an adorable and muddled manner. Her restlessness was a testament to how highly she regarded her relationship with his mother. It made him feel relieved.

Xie Limo gently patted Yun Bixue's back. "Rest assured, I'm here. Don't worry, you have to trust your husband."

Yun Bixue hesitated for a moment before she nodded. Indeed, with him around, everything had become much simpler.

Finally, after some discussion, the couple decided to go shopping the next day to at least make some preparations. It was initially a task for Xie Shiyi, but Yun Bixue felt that she should make the trip personally for his mother. Only then could they demonstrate their respect and filial piety towards the elder.

Before they retired for the night, Yun Bixue gave Yang Mei a call to inquire on the progress for several matters. She learned that Yun Muzhong had been stepping out of the house regularly, and there had been some friction with Yang Siru.

Yun Mengshi knew that her father had an extra-marital affair, but chose to remain silent.

Yun Bixue hooked her lips up into a smile. "Let's add some fuel to the fire. Reveal parts of the news to Yang Siru, so she'll start fighting with Yun Muzhong. Also, find a chance for Yun Mengshi to get close to Su Lenghan. The matter with the Jia family is almost completedget the news agencies to reveal that IP address belonging to the Shen family..." After planning out everything, these groups of people would be fully occupied with dealing with these issues. They wouldn't have the time to bother her. And naturally, she would be free to prepare for her mother-in-law's visit.

The most important thing was that she wanted to show her mother-in-law a stellar performance and keep her company while she was here.