Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 970

Chapter 970 A Graceful Young Man

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The person in front caught Yun Bilu’s arm and held her by the waist with both arms at once, breaking her fall.

Yun Bilu had been running so fast just now, so her chest was still heaving up and down from her breathing.

“Hey, are you alright?”

Yun Bilu suddenly heard a naturally charming voice that sounded like a distant clear spring flowing through. It was clean and pure, making Yun Bilu scramble to regain her footing and look up to see who it was. The moment she looked up, her eyes were dazzled.

How should she describe the man before her? He had a lanky figure that was around six feet tall. He had short, jet-black hair that sported a neat and clean hairstyle. His glassy eyes shone like they were two deep, mysterious starry skies. His vibe was warm and gentle, radiating with a star-like brilliance. His long lashes, exquisite looks, white sweater, and long, straight pencil-like jeans were topped off with a pair of clean sports shoes. An elegant, spring-like aura emanated from him, making him the perfect Prince Charming in the eyes of every girl.

Yun Bilu felt as though there was an abundance of sunlight bursting in front of her eyes. Her heart felt clean and pure just from looking at his graceful smile that was like a spring breeze.

Yun Bilu stood in a daze and did not reply.

Qianye Ziyu stared at the lady who was in a trance before him and asked again, “Hey, are you alright?” He knew that many girls would give him the same expression she was giving him now. That was why when he saw Yun Bilu’s expression, he frowned ever so slightly and put down his hand.

Yun Bilu immediately snapped back to her senses and smiled awkwardly. “Erm, sorry, I accidentally bumped into you. Thank you for that just now!”

Right at that moment, she could hear Chu Xin and the other girls waving and calling out to her not too far off in the spectator stands.

She smiled apologetically at Qianye Ziyu before turning to run off.

Qianye Ziyu stared at Yun Bilu’s departing figure as she ran off. His expression shifted before he turned and walked out.

“Wow, so handsome. He’s my Prince Charming.”

“Did you see that? He’s super handsome. My heart is still thumping now.”

“Who is he? He’s not from our school, right?”

“I’m guessing he’s not. If he’s from our school, he would have been famous by now. No, I can’t take it! I’ll go and create a chance encounter with him.”

“Didn’t you see how he grabbed that girl by the waist when she bumped into him? Oh my gosh! How great would it be if that was me? I would be excited to tears!”

“That girl is Yun Bilu. She’s so lucky!”

“Don’t worry, Yun Bilu has Young Master Huang now. She definitely won’t fight with us for handsome men anymore.”

Yun Bilu had long forgotten about this small hiccup now. She sat down cheerfully on the spot that Xiao Huan had reserved for her.

“This spot is really great. I can see everything so clearly.”

Xiao Nan said excitedly, “You can see everything you want to see. I even prepared water bottles and towels. We can go and give them to the players later.”

“Your boyfriend is there?”

“Of course! I want to cheer him on.”

“It’s about to start. Ahhh! I’m so excited!”

Yun Bilu sat there and stared in the front. She liked sports such as basketball. Sometimes, watching the competition was really exciting. It would make her feel as though she was included in the lively atmosphere.

When she first went overseas back then, she felt really lonely. She would like to go to the basketball court to watch basketball competitions. It was only in such a lively and pumped-up atmosphere where she could forget that she was all alone.

Afterwards, she retained this habit of hers. In fact, she was neither there to watch the competition nor the competitors. To describe it in a trendy way, ‘your sis be watching her loneliness.’

As she thought about it, Yun Bilu suddenly laughed to herself.

“Come on, come on!” Loud cheers were heard from the spectators all around.

The first match was a face-off between Noel Harlem University and Harley University.

Both sides were equally matched. However, Noel Harlem eventually won Harley University by one point, eliminating it from the competition.

The second match was between Noel Harlem University and Kalina University