Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 971

Chapter 971 Fervent Cheering At Young Master Huangs Appearance

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When the judges said ‘Kalina University,’ the girls around them paused for a moment before they started cheering.

“It’s Kalina University!”

“I know, right? I’m so excited! Kalina University is Country E’s version of our school. I heard that they’ve always kept a low profile, but they actually came to participate in this competition.

“I heard that there are a lot of good looking guys from that school. Ahh, I’m so excited!”

“I also heard that they are very good at basketball. There are even students who entered the national team!”

“They’re so strong! I think our school’s basketball team cannot compare to theirs.”

“Don’t feel so down. Our school’s team is pretty strong as well.”

“Even though they’re not bad, it is true that they cannot compare to Kalina University.”

“Oh no, that wouldn’t be fun. I came early just to get better seats.”

“It’s alright! Seeing good looking guys from other schools is already a feast for my eyes!”

Hearing the heated discussions around, Yun Bilu blinked. The stronger the team, the more exciting the match would be, so she was really looking forward to it.

While she was anticipating the start of the match, someone entered the court. When Yun Bilu saw him, her eyes widened comically as her lips trembled.

He donned a white jersey and looked magnificent amongst all others. His exquisitely-crafted features and the noble air he exuded allowed him to shine brightly. Each of his movements was as graceful as a king.

Huang Yize looked in Yun Bilu’s direction and smiled lightly. Forget about that smile, he dazzled the audience just by moving.

The crowd cheered, “Ah! It’s Young Master Huang!”

“Look! It’s Young Master Huang!”

“Young Master Huang actually came for the competition!”

“Quick, give me a pinch. Tell me that this is not a dream!”

“Aw, my Young Master Huang, my demigod! I’m not dreaming, right? Young Master Huang’s actually here…”

“Ahh! Excited! I’m so excited! My heart cannot take it…”

“It’s a rare meeting of the century! Since Young Master Huang is here, our team will definitely be champions.”

“My nose is bleeding. That one smile from Young Master Huang was too deadly!”

Yun Bilu’s bones were almost rattled by the cheers of the girls around her. The ceaseless applause and cheers were raving.

But Yun Bilu was caught in a trance. She only had him in her eyes, and oh, how incredibly captivating he was.

It was her first time seeing Huang Yize in basketball attire. With one hand carrying a basketball, he was so alluring that she almost could not recover from her trance.

He was too eye-catching. Too perfect. That white jersey emphasized his noble air, as though erasing his usual cold and indifferent appearance to show a deity-like form.

Yun Bilu’s heart was stirring.

When Huang Yize entered the courts, it wouldn’t be too much to say that everyone from Noble Harlem University got excited.

When Yun Bilu recovered from her trance, she turned to ask the people around her, “Did you know that Huang Yize could play basketball?”


“If you don’t, why are you guys so excited?”

“We’re here to look at handsome guys. Even if he didn’t play and simply stood at the side, that would be enough.”

“Also, Young Master Huang is a talented all-rounder. We believe that as long as he’s here, Noel Harlem University will definitely be first!”

Hearing those words, Yun Bilu’s gaze clouded over. It seemed like she understood too little about Huang Yize. He understood her, but she did not know much about him.

At that moment, Yun Bilu felt uncomfortable. She suddenly realized that there were so many mysteries between the two of them.