Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 972

Chapter 972 Young Master Huang Wiping The Floors With Everyone

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Cheers erupted from the crowd when Noel Harlem University’s basketball team entered the court.

Another round of cheers erupted when the good-looking team from Kalina University appeared as well.

When the match started, the referee threw the ball upwards, making everyone focus on the ball.

The two players from the two teams who were near the ball jumped up to snatch the ball. This was a competition of strength and speed. They all wanted to hit the ball towards the opponent’s side of the court to gain a chance to score points.

Everyone was becoming increasingly nervous.

Finally, the ball was pushed into Kalina’s side of the court. This was an advantageous situation for the Noel Harlem team. They had to take advantage of this to try to score.

Yun Bilu’s gaze never left from Huang Yize. From the moment he entered the court, he had been standing at a good distance on Kalina’s side. His calm expression could put people at ease.

Yun Bilu was actually nervous. She had never seen Huang Yize play basketball, so her heart was pounding quickly as she watched.

While everyone was fighting for the ball, Huang Yize quickly cast his gaze in her direction, conveying a trace of comfort.

Yun Bilu was anxious beyond measure, so much so that she wanted to go there and whack him. What kind of time was that? How could he afford to be distracted? However, it was true that his gentle gaze helped ease the nervousness in her heart.

“Go for it! Go for it!” The cheers went on endlessly as the fight for the ball continued.

Just when the ball was about to be snatched away by a Kalina member, one of the members jumped and used the top of his head to hit the ball towards Huang Yize’s direction.

With a light jump, he caught the basketball. His speed was so fast that even with two players from Kalina intercepting, they could not snatch the ball.

Huang Yize landed lightly and faced the hoop, he jumped again and threw the ball. It soared in a beautiful arch before it went through the hoop.

“Wah… Ah…”

The crowd paused in their cheers as they gaped visibly. They could not believe what they had just seen. With that one move, Young Master Huang wiped the floor with everyone on the court.

Even players from Noel Harlem gaped. They rubbed their eyes, afraid that they had seen wrongly. They passed the balls towards Huang Yize as he stood there plainly. With a flick of his hand, the basketball went through the hoop again.

As strong as Kalina was, in front of Huang Yize, they were wiped out within seconds.

Afterwards, most of Kalina’s players started marking Huang Yize. What they learned was that they could definitely not allow the ball to end up in his hands.

When the whistle was blown, and Noel Harlem University’s victory was announced, everyone was cheering.

During the break, Qianye Ziyu walked up clad in his basketball attire.

Many girls from Kalina University came to support their school. Although Noble Harlem University won, they were still excited when they saw their idol, Qianye Ziyu, clad in basketball attire.

Qianye Ziyu stood there in his noble elegance. The air around him was like a spring breeze that even girls from Noel Harlem started to cheer.

After all, such a dreamy young man could definitely capture the hearts of people.

Yun Bilu looked at the guy on the court, and her expression shifted. That guy… Didn’t she bump into him just now?

He was from Kalina University?

He was in his casual attire earlier, but now, he had changed into his basketball jersey.

The cheers did not stop, especially those from girls.