Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 974

Chapter 974 The Two Demigods

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Huang Yize did not reply to Yun Bilu’s question.

Something flashed across his eyes. He did not tell Yun Bilu that his sudden participation in the competition was only because of her!

Yun Bilu tugged his arm and said, “You never told me that you play basketball. And just now, you even tried to stop me from coming. Did you not want me to see this?” After speaking, Yun Bilu pouted in disappointment.

Seeing her pout cutely, Huang Yize tapped lightly on her cheeks and replied, “You’re letting your thoughts run wild again.”

“I have a huge hole in my brain, so of course, I would overthink. Quick, tell me!”

Huang Yize tugged her arm and said in a low tone, “Aren’t you here right now?”

At that moment, Noel Harlem University’s basketball team came over to thank Yun Bilu passionately.

Yun Bilu scratched her head in confusion. She didn’t understand, but most of the basketball team did. After all, a man understood another man the best. The reason why Young Master Huang was here was most probably because of Yun Bilu’s presence.

The entire team thought that if there were basketball matches in the future, they would choose to beg Yun Bilu instead of Young Master Huang. If she came, Young Master Huang would definitely come too.

The time was up, and the match was about to resume. Yun Bilu left unwillingly for the spectator stand.

“Be obedient. Go up and watch.”

“Yep, I will cheer for you. If I knew that you were participating in this match, I would’ve joined the cheerleading club.” After speaking, Yun Bilu even looked enviously at the cheerleaders.

Huang Yize cast a glance at them. Seeing those mini skirts and tops, his expression shifted. “You don’t have to join the cheerleading club.”

It was a relief that he did not tell her. If she joined the cheerleading club, he would not allow it.

And if she really wanted to join, the cheerleading club’s attire would definitely not be like this.

When Yun Bilu ran back to her seat and turned back to look, her gaze locked with Qianye Ziyu.

Qianye Ziyu smiled at her, causing her to pause.

While she was stunned, Xiao Nan dragged her back.

Yun Bilu was trapped in her trance. At the court, the whistle was blown, and the match became more exciting. This time, it seemed like a duel between the two popular players.

Noel Harlem University had Huang Yize, while Kalina University had Qianye Ziyu. Both were the cream of the crop. As long as the ball reached the hands of Huang Yize, they would definitely score, and the same went for Qianye Ziyu.

“Wah! This is too exciting! Two demigods. Oh my! My heart cannot take this.”

“Wow, I have fallen for the demigod, just like how a mouse loves its cheese!”

“What’s his name? Prince Charming, ah, the Prince Charming of my dreams.”

“He’s the legend of Kalina University and their pride. I heard that if you lined up the girls who wanted to be with him, it would go a few rounds around the track!”

“I wonder if he has a girlfriend? I want to woo him…”

Hearing the conversations of the people around her, Yun Bilu revealed a smile. Being bold and carefree were great. After all, when she knew no fear back then, she managed to woo Huang Yize as well.

Even until now, Yun Bilu had no idea that right from the start, she was like the sun that shone into Huang Yize’s heart.

Noel Harlem University won this match with a one point difference.

When the end of the match was announced, Yun Bilu was elated—she was happy for Huang Yize. He was her boyfriend, so his victory made her happier than anyone else.

Just like how he was always—high above others.

This time, Yun Bilu didn’t have to be told what to do. She ran straight towards Huang Yize, and her back view carved the most beautiful figure.

People surrounded Huang Yize as they cheered excitedly. They even wanted to pick someone up to throw as well.