Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 975

Chapter 975 My Turn To Walk Towards You

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However, Huang Yize simply waved his hand and stood there with a slight smile, as though he was waiting for someone.

Yun Bilu ran over, but she could only watch from afar. There were too many people, and she simply could not make her way through. She tried a few times but was eventually pushed out.

She looked at Huang Yize, who was at the center of the crowd, surrounded like a king.

And she could only look on from afar. Suddenly, she felt wronged. The distance between them suddenly seemed immeasurable.

When he won, she wanted to be the first to share his happiness. She wanted to run to his side.

However, at that moment, she could only stand on tiptoes and jump up to see his shadow.

Huang Yize stood there elegantly as he looked at the spectator stand. When he realized that no one was there, his expression shifted.

Yun Bilu, who was in the midst of towering guys, made her hard to spot. Even if she was standing on tiptoes, it was still easy to miss her.

Yun Bilu stomped her feet in anger before she turned to leave.

At that moment, Huang Yize waved his hand indicatively.

The people around him parted like the sea, and Huang Yize’s every step seemed to radiate his brilliant elegance as he walked away from the crowd.

Just when Yun Bilu was about to turn around and leave, he caught her arm and asked, “Where are you going?”

Hearing Huang Yize’s voice, Yun Bilu froze. When she turned around to face him, her gaze was filled with her reprimand, her anger, and how wronged she felt.

How could Huang Yize bear to see such an expression on her face? Under the scrutiny of everyone, he embraced her. “The match is over. Let’s go back.”

After speaking, he tugged Yun Bilu’s arm and walked away, leaving behind a trail of envious people.

Qianye Ziyu was also surrounded by people. Even though they lost by a point, his performance on the court was still good enough to awe people.

But his gaze was locked onto the couple, carrying with it traces of darkness, unlike the spring breeze from before.

Huang Yize brought Yun Bilu back to his dormitory.

Yun Bilu struggled, saying that she wanted to return to her own dorm, but under Huang Yize’s insistence and dragging, she eventually followed him to his dorm.

Seeing her unhappy expression, he asked, “You’re angry?

Yun Bilu turned her head to the side and replied, “I’m not.” She would never admit that she was angry.

Huang Yize went up to embrace her and cupped the back of her head, trapping her in a punishing kiss. “This girl who cannot speak her heart. Earlier, I didn’t see you at the stands, and I’m still wondering where you went.”

“You’re very popular, so of course you can’t see me.”

Huang Yize sighed softly. “Silly girl. Since you can’t reach me, it’s my turn to walk towards you. Won’t we still end up together that way?”

Yun Bilu knew that it was rare for Huang Yize to say such sweet words, especially those that expressed his feelings. Today, hearing him say these made her feel sweet from the inside, as though honey coated her heart.

Her eyes shone as she said, “Huang Yize, your words are getting more and more pleasing to the ears.”

“The words I used to say were not pleasing?”

“You don’t talk much in the past and used to ignore me.”

Huang Yize was reminded of the time when the two of them first interacted with each other. At that time, he was in deep thought. Seeing her affected expression, he lowered his voice and said, “It won’t happen in the future.”

Hearing his assurance, Yun Bilu’s mood brightened considerably. She was like this. Her personality was boisterous and open-minded. When she was upset, something small would be enough to cheer her up.

She threw her arms around Huang Yize’s neck and leaned on him. “Huang Yize, you’re really great today. As soon as the match ended, I ran excitedly to you.”