Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 981

Chapter 981 The Manly Temptations Of Young Master Huang

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Yun Bilu looked down guiltily at Huang Yize’s feet. She did not know how many times she had stepped on him while in her heels. She then looked up carefully to see his expression.

He merely frowned, but did not show any hint of impatience.

“Erm, should I just not dance?” She was really scared that by the time she managed to familiarize herself with the steps, Huang Yize’s feet would be pierced.

Huang Yize removed one of his hands from Yun Bilu’s back to rub the space between his brows, as though he was suppressing something before he exhaled deeply and said, “Let’s continue!”

“But your feet!”

Huang Yize said sternly, “Bilu, be more focused. The more distracted you are, the more you will mix up your steps.”

“I want to concentrate too. Why not let me take a look at your feet first?” Yun Bilu was really scared that she would step on his feet, but she kept getting her steps wrong!

Huang Yize checked the time and frowned. “It’s really late now. If you want to sleep earlier, dance properly. Focus on dancing without being distracted. Can you do that?”

Yun Bilu lowered her head and muttered, “How can I concentrate in front of such a manly temptation?” Since both of them were standing so close together, especially when they were waltzing, she couldn’t help but grope around.

Although Yun Bilu said it in a tiny and faint voice, Huang Yize still heard it.

Huang Yize’s eyebrows twitched. He really felt the urge to smack this girl in one blow. However, he could only control his temper and continue.

He had never been so patient with anyone before. This girl was really his nemesis.

“Change out of your high heels into flats. Familiarize yourself with the steps first. Once you are done practicing, you can do whatever you want.”

Yun Bilu’s eyes glimmered. She was scared that Huang Yize would go back on his word and asked him again to confirm. “For real?”


Yun Bilu rubbed her hands together. Her ears reddened as she asked shyly, “Erm, even if I force myself on you, would you still be willing?” She threw this out so casually and nonchalantly.

Huang Yize’s body visibly shook a little. He had no defense against these words. His expression turned dark, and so did his gaze, which looked as though there were deep, dark waves rolling in it.

When Yun Bilu saw him looking at her like this, her small heart started beating wildly. She licked her lips, feeling that her mouth was turning dry. “Erm, I’ll go drink some water first.”

Huang Yize pulled her right into his embrace and lowered his head as he said, “Bilu, do you think I will stand to lose anything for that?”

“That’s true. You won’t. Only us girls would be on the losing end.”

Huang Yize’s cold and hard expression could not help but soften. Where on earth did he pick up such a gem from? She always said things that were out of the norm. It was a good thing he had gotten used to it.

He let go of Yun Bilu and walked into the kitchen. Not long after, he passed a cup of hot milk to her and said, “Drink less tea and water at night. Here, drink some milk. It will help you sleep better later.”

Yun Bilu ran to him joyfully and took the cup from him. She raised her head and gulped the milk in one go, making her feel less thirsty.

“Glutton!” Huang Yize casually wiped off the milk left at the corner of Yun Bilu’s mouth.

Perhaps it was because she drank the milk, or because she changed into flats. This time, Yun Bilu managed to dance more elegantly.

When they had practiced enough, Huang Yize turned off the music and let her go back to the bedroom to rest.

However, Yun Bilu stood rooted on the spot, her ears reddening as each second passed.

Huang Yize asked, “What do you want now?”

Without a word, Yun Bilu jumped right onto him.

To prevent her from slipping off, Huang Yize grabbed her legs and hugged her.

Yun Bilu giggled sheepishly as her eyes twinkled. “Tonight, I’m going to sleep with you and devour you.” It was as though she had mustered all her courage to say this.