Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 982

Chapter 982 that Is Very Painful

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Hearing Yun Bilu’s words, Huang Yize could not tell whether she was joking or being serious, but he took her words to heart.

He stared straight at Yun Bilu as his eyes glowed with light. His eyes were as clear as glass, as though they could suck a person’s soul into it. He had an enchanting yet relaxed aura around him as well.

The corners of his lips turned up ever so slightly, giving off a sweet feeling of seduction.

Yun Bilu felt her face burning when she saw Huang Yize staring at her like this. She almost bit off her own tongue. Why did she say that just now? She must not scare him off with her words.

Huang Yize’s eyes glowed mysteriously, and his irises looked as deep as a river. He tightened his hug on Yun Bilu and said in a low voice, “Don’t go back on your words!”

Yun Bilu’s words just now had pushed his body to the edge. He was already tensed, and no man would remain calm after hearing such words.

As he said that, he carried Yun Bilu and took big strides towards the bedroom.

Yun Bilu’s expression immediately changed. She was a paper tiger after all. When it came to the real deal, she became a coward.

Yun Bilu was thrown on the bed, and Huang Yize was atop her in an instant. He ripped off her skirt with his hands, not giving her any time to think.

“Ahh! Huang Yize!” Yun Bilu started flailing her arms around. She did not know what she was scared of either.

Huang Yize placed his hands by the side of Yun Bilu’s body. Seeing that she turned pale from fear, he patted her cheek and said, “Didn’t you say it yourself? Are you scared now?”

“Huang Yize, you’re bullying me…” She felt really scared and nervous just now.

Seeing Yun Bilu in this state, Huang Yize had no choice but to suppress the waves of passion he was feeling.

He rubbed the space between his brows, thinking that this girl was really born to challenge him.

In a few breaths, Huang Yize suppressed his overflowing passion. He was a normal man and already in his twenties. This girl was really…

“How did I bully you? So, you know how to feel scared now?”

Yun Bilu’s face had really turned pale. She was not scared of anything at all, but she heard that ‘that’ was really painful.

Seeing the dark look on Huang Yize’s face, Yun Bilu trembled as she said, “I… I heard from my roommates that ‘that’ is the most painful thing in the world. It can make a person die.”

“Why weren’t you scared earlier?”

Yun Bilu pouted in indignation as she replied, “I forgot!”

Huang Yize clenched his teeth as he said, “You believe it just because your roommates told you? If the pain could really make a person die, why would there be so many couples in this world?”

Yun Bilu thought his words made sense. “Then… that means it’s not painful?”

Yun Bilu asked Huang Yize in an anxious tone. The look of dependence and trust in her face was very real, as though it would not really hurt if Huang Yize said so.

Huang Yize quietly let out a long sigh. He was really at a loss of what to say. “Don’t listen to your roommates’ words next time.”

“They told me based on what they heard from other people’s experiences.”

Huang Yize pulled Yun Bilu into his embrace as he said, “Then did they tell you that the feeling of your body and mind intertwining with someone else’s can give you intense pleasure as well?”

Yun Bilu shook her head.

Huang Yize lightly smacked her head as he chided, “You’re really so innocent.”

She was only twenty. He really could not touch her and just had to hold it in. However, the problem was that this girl specially came to torment him when he had been keeping his mind clear of such thoughts for so long. She was really testing his tolerance.

Huang Yize did not say anything else. He just carried Yun Bilu in his arms and sent her to another bedroom.

Yun Bilu clutched Huang Yize’s hand and said, “I want you to keep me company.”

Huang Yize refused, saying, “No. Be good and go to sleep now.”

“But you said that as long as I dance properly, you will listen to whatever I say.” Actually, Yun Bilu only liked the feeling of him giving in to her and indulging in her.