Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 984

Chapter 984 She Trusts Him

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Such a small injury was not even worth a mention to Huang Yize. He had been through much hardship when he started training from a young age, so he did not mind this at all.

However, it was not the same for Yun Bilu. She felt really guilty, and it was her first time feeling heartache. Her eyes reddened as she kept blaming herself. “It’s all my fault. If it weren’t for me, your feet wouldn’t be like this. Let’s go to the hospital to get them checked.”

Seeing how anxious Yun Bilu was, Huang Yize lowered his head and saw her reddened eyes, which made her look just like a bunny. He caressed her face and said, “I have medicine here. They will heal tomorrow after I apply some on them.”



Yun Bilu could not help but trust Huang Yize from the bottom of her heart. She would believe it as long as it was something he said.

Both of them only slept after he applied the medication on his feet.

However, Yun Bilu could not fall asleep. Her male idol was right beside her, making her heart feel excited, agitated, and even conflicted.

When Huang Yize turned, he saw Yun Bilu staring wide-eyed at the ceiling.

He tucked her in the blanket as he asked, “Can’t sleep?”

“It’s Saturday tomorrow, so I can sleep in anyway. I don’t feel sleepy now.”

Huang Yize could not help but feel that this girl’s energy level was really out of the ordinary.

Yun Bilu chatted with Huang Yize and eventually fell asleep after a while.

As for Huang Yize, he could not fall asleep. Seeing Yun Bilu sleeping so soundly beside him made his cold and hard expression soften at once.

Ning An City

The next day, Yun Bixue went to the Snow Cloud Group to settle her work. She also prepared to open a branch in the capital. However, this would be done in secret.

It was the right time to mobilize the seven-man team that she had recruited previously.

The moment Yun Bixue sent out her orders, the seven-man team headed for the capital in small groups and integrated into various parts of the city. That way, they would be able to help her in the future.

Ever since these seven people were recruited by Yun Bixue, they were treated well with her graces. Their elderly and those who were in need of help at home were all assisted with Yun Bixue’s help in secret.

These seven people not only admired Yun Bixue, but they were also indebted to her graces. That was why they really wanted to repay her kindness.

Yun Dong had also made preparations. She was so excited when she called Yun Bixue as she said, “Miss Yun, life here in the capital is really exciting and fun!”

“How’s the situation there? Are you really having fun?”

“Miss Yun, that Xu Miaodan is pretty fun to play with. Watching her is like watching a show every day.”

“Have you found out who her backer is?”

“I confirmed the identity, but her name is not Chu Fei’er. I only know they use code names to communicate. As to what exactly she is called, I’m still investigating it. According to what Xu Miaodan tells her, that person is probably Chu Fei’er. She must have changed her name.”

Hearing Yun Dong’s words, Yun Bixue fell into deep thought again. She was reminded of how Wang Qianjin looked when he dressed up as a middle-aged man previously. At this thought, she widened her eyes as a wave of light flashed across her mind.

Did Chu Fei’er change her identity and person altogether?

In a serious voice, Yun Bixue asked, “Yun Dong, how about the An family? Is there anything going on with them recently?”

“The An family looks peaceful on the surface, but recently, there was an internal strife. Most of the noble families in the capital are watching the An family closely. Miss Yun, I really admire you so much. Just that incident on your wedding day with Young Master Xie had managed to throw the An family into a mess. It makes me so happy just thinking about it.” Yun Dong knew what An Yexuan had done to the Yun family. She hated that she could not just take a knife and stab him. However, the An family was way too powerful, so they really had to be careful and act cautiously.

On that account, she followed what Miss Yun instructed her to do—just watch and wait for the right opportunity to strike.