Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 986

Chapter 986 Yun Bixue Vs Wang Qianjin

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Yun Bixue stared at her phone even though the call had ended. She gripped it tightly, exerting all her strength, but it did not break.

She felt like she was about to explode from anger. She almost threw her phone out of her hand.

However, if she really smashed her phone, her Mr. Xie would be worried if he found out.

In fact, Yun Bixue was not a person who could be threatened. She knew that she had other choices and could totally mobilize other forces to evacuate all the employees in the Political Official’s building.

However, doing that would definitely cause a scene.

Furthermore, she could also bomb the Wang family, but Xie Limo said before that the Xie and Wang families could not clash with each other for now. As much as possible, they should avoid each other.

She thought about it. Wang Qianjin merely wanted to have a meal with her, so there was nothing much about it. He would not dare to do anything in broad daylight anyway.

Most importantly, she did not want to create trouble during this period when they were preparing to leave for the capital. Xie Limo had already troubled himself a lot for this, so she had to think for him at all times.

Yun Bixue analyzed the overall situation and decided to just meet Wang Qianjin first to see what he had to say.

She, Yun Bixue, was not a weakling who could be trampled over. Even if she did not bring her men, she would have made her preparations as well.

In fact, she knew that Wang Qianjin must have guessed her choice, which was why he could say that so confidently. He was truly a master at manipulating people’s hearts.

However, she was not going to go for nothing.

Seeing that there was still an hour, Yun Bixue drove at the fastest speed she could and arrived at the old Yun family mansion.

She instructed Uncle Yang to send guards to watch outside Autumn Hotel. She also sent men to the Political Official’s building to find the bomb at all costs. Also, if they could, create a small scene and make the political officials leave the building.

Uncle Yang knew the urgency of the issue and immediately followed her orders.

Yun Bixue went to the weaponry house and took off her outerwear. She changed into a special tight bodysuit and started to attach guns and knives, silver needles, poison, and many other things into the pockets of her suit. She even attached a grenade on her waist.

She, Yun Bixue, was never afraid of death. However, she could not bear to part with her Mr. Xie, so she will make sure that she could return in one piece this time around.

Once she was done with her innerwear, she put on a long dress that suited the autumn season and a long coat.

It was not unusual to dress like this in autumn, so her outfit looked really normal.

Once she was done, Yun Bixue drove to Autumn Hotel. It was as though she went there just in time, arriving ten minutes before twelve noon.

Once she entered the hotel, someone came and ushered her to a private room.

Wang Qianjin wore a western suit today. Although he still looked as enchanting as ever, overall, he still looked a little more normal and had less of that menacing and laid-back vibe around him.

Wang Qianjin gave her a lazy yet seductive smile. He narrowed his long, slit-like eyes as he checked Yun Bixue out. “You really came. If you came ten minutes later, this would have gone off.”

Seeing the explosive controller in Wang Qianjin’s hand, Yun Bixue scoffed. “Young Master Wang, you’re really bored, aren’t you? Tell me, why exactly did you ask me to come?”

Wang Qianjin stared at the ice-cold beauty before him. She was completely different from how she was like in front of Xie Limo.

A glimmer of light flashed across his eyes. This was a rose with thorns. However, it was even more challenging and thrilling that she was like that.

“What if I tell you that I want you to leave Xie Limo and come with me?”

Seeing the serious look on Wang Qianjin’s face, Yun Bixue knew she could not believe him. She replied sharply, “Young Master Wang, I belong to Xie Limo when I’m alive and will be his ghost even when I’m dead. You can forget about it.”