Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 988

Chapter 988 Punishing Young Master Wang

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Wang Qianjin clenched his teeth as he narrowed his long, slit-like eyes. A seductive glint flashed across his eyes. He would let Yun Bixue know who was the most important, and how power was still the most reliable thing in this world.

Once they were in the capital, it would be different from being in Ning An City. There would definitely be times when she ran into obstacles.

However, Wang Qianjin had really belittled Yun Bixue. He did not know that this woman had spent a whole year growing into a strong and powerful person whom people could not overlook. She naturally had her own capabilities.

Furthermore, Wang Qianjin did not understand love, so he did not know of the kind of chemistry Xie Limo and Yun Bixue had between them.

This time, since Wang Qianjin tried to threaten Yun Bixue, she gave him a hell of a time.

She could not poison him blatantly as there would always be a cure for it. However, spiking his food with laxatives was easy enough to do.

Wang Qianjin clutched his stomach as his face turned pale from the pain. However, he was not upset at all. He even felt that that woman was pretty interesting.

It was true. This was the first time Wang Qianjin fell in the hands of a woman. In the past, all the women he met listened to him obediently. As long as he gestured at them with a finger, they would all scramble over to him. He never had to spend so much effort just to deal with one lady.

“Young Master Wang?” One of his subordinates stared at the pale-stricken face of Young Master Wang in shock and disbelief.

His Young Master Wang had always been suave and seductive. He had never seen him in such a pathetic state before.

All along, Young Master Wang had always been an almighty person in their eyes. In the eyes of the people in the Wang family, as long as Young Master Wang helmed the headquarters, they would have nothing to worry about.

But what did he just see? He saw his Young Master Wang with a pale-stricken face and clutching his stomach in pain, looking weak and breathless. It was really a sight that overturned all their previous knowledge of him.

Wang Qianjin waved off his subordinate as he asked, “Has Wang Qi returned?”


Wang Qianjin’s seductive expression changed. His eyes narrowed as he instructed his subordinate, “Don’t let Wang Qi come back, in case he exposes our tracks.”

Right after he said that, Wang Qianjin clenched his teeth and headed to the toilet again.

That woman was really despicable. He had his guard up against everything, but he really did not expect her to spike his food with laxatives. Laxatives were not poison and were virtually impossible to detect.

That woman was really not to be underestimated.

However, the more Yun Bixue was being like this, the more interested Wang Qianjin was in her.

That night, he had no choice but to give orders to return to the South.

Before he left, Wang Qianjin clutched his stomach and stared at the city before him. A seductive smile inched up from the corners of his lips as he murmured, “Yun Bixue, Xie Limo, we will meet again in the capital.”

He felt that his days would no longer be boring anymore.

However, before this, Wang Qianjin could only stay at the headquarters in the South for the time being.

It could be said that Yun Bixue unintentionally chased Wang Qianjin out of the North. Of course, Wang Qianjin brought everything upon himself.

Yun Bixue went to the Old Yun family’s mansion to arrange everything. Her expression was serious.

That afternoon, Yun Bixue received news from Uncle Yang. He told her that he saw a suspicious person in front of a pharmacy.

“Did you catch him?” She would rather catch the wrong person than let him off the hook.

“This person is very alert and cautious. Our men did not even get close to him and merely followed him, but we still did not manage to find Young Master Wang’s location!”

Yun Bixue pinched her chin as she thought for a while. She replied calmly, “Continue watching him. Wait till the next morning to catch him.” She thought that one night without the diarrhea medicine would be enough to torture Wang Qianjin. He threatened her after all, so she had to punish him in some way.

Of course, the thing that Yun Bixue had arranged for in secret, especially that of stationing secret guards outside the Political Official’s building, did not go unnoticed by Xie Limo. He was a very sharp man, so naturally, this did not escape his senses.