Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 99

Chapter 99: Yang Siru's Suspicions

Xie Limo had originally just wanted to stop his wife from blushing, but seeing the glazed look in her eyes, his heart fluttered. A tempting ripple flashed through his exquisite eyes, and he gently tightened the grip on his arm, gradually bringing Yun Bixue closer and closer. Finally, he lowered his head and began to kiss her, slowly tasting her sweetness.

Yun Bixue reached out to clutch Xie Limo's shirt, allowing her body to dissolve in his embrace. She shut her eyes, relishing in his fleeting and enchanting ambiance. Her dainty face was dyed a crimson red, and she looked extraordinarily beautiful.

Xie Limo caressed her delicate and pale cheeks as he lightly kissed her. After her body relaxed, he used his tongue to tickle her lips, seeking entrance. He transferred his scent to her, stirring her up and spreading his fragrance within her.

It was an intense kiss that encompassed their feelings of tender love and warmth. It slowly grew passionate, as the kisses traveled up and down her body.

Xie Limo's alluring eyes turned as deep as the ocean. He desperately wanted to keep a piece of his wife within him.

Xie Limo only released Yun Bixue after her body started trembling. He settled her within his embrace, allowing her to catch her breath.

Yun Bixue leaned into Xie Limo's embrace. She listened to the sound of his heartbeat and closed her eyes. She never knew that a kiss could disorientate her and make her mind go blank.

The first time she held hands, had her heart intoxicated, as well as her first kissthese acts were all done with him. Thinking back on this, she realized that her past memories were becoming increasingly faint. The only thing she could remember was the warmth that Xie Limo offered her.

She felt more and more fortunate that she had met Xie Limo, and that he was her husband.

At this moment, at the Yun family home.

Old Lady Shen came down from the second floor and noticed Yang Siru howling over the phone. She screamed in displeasure, "Siru, it's midnight! Why are you still shouting?!"

Yang Siru looked at the phone call that had just ended and immediately whined, "Mom, Muzhong hasn't been coming home for such a long time, and he's always working overtime. Is he really that busy? I don't recall ever seeing him like this."

Old Lady Shen's astute eyes brightened, and she replied, "Siru, it's a good thing that he's working hard. You're also aware of the current predicament troubling our Yun family. If Muzhong weren't so caught up with work, you wouldn't be able to spend any money."

Although Yang Siru was annoyed, she couldn't be defiant when facing Old Lady Shen. She could only answer, "Mom, Muzhong was never like this in the past. I suspect that he might be having an affair."

"Nonsense!" Old Lady Shen tapped her walking stick. She abruptly raised her voice abruptly and continued, "Don't you know Muzhong's personality? For so many years, he's been at your beck and call. If he wanted to have an affair, he would have done it a long time ago. Isn't it just because of the current situation? It's normal for him to work hard for our Yun family, so stop overthinking things."

Yang Siru had wanted to persist, but seeing how determined Old Lady Shen was, she could only contain her fury.

At this moment, the door flung open, and Yun Mengshi entered cheerfully. Yang Siru found a source to vent out her anger and screamed, "You stupid girl! It's already so late, don't you know how to come home? Were you messing around outside? Look at yourself. Do you still treat this place as your home? Take a look at what time it is now..."

Yun Mengshi had initially been feeling joyful, but the moment she stepped into the house, she received a harsh scolding from her mother. For a moment, she couldn't endure it; her mother had never treated her like that.

"Mom, I only went out to meet a friend."

"You only know how to lie. Do you think I don't know? You must have been fooling around outside."

After listening to the implied accusation, Old Lady Shen's forehead twitched incessantly. With a worn-out tone, she yelled, "Enough, it's late! Everyone, just stop it!"