Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 995

Chapter 995 His Heart Aches As He Yearns For Her

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Xiamu Qingyan had hoped to see him in pain or that he would hug her, but none of that happened. His expression was very calm.

Did he no longer care about that face anymore? He really wouldn’t do anything even after seeing her tears?

Xiamu Qingyan didn’t believe it. She was stubborn to the core and simply wanted to have him. In order to do so, she expended much effort and even underwent extreme pain for her face. Finally, her efforts had paid off, and she eventually ended up with him. However, in the end, he wanted to call everything off.

She clenched her fists by her sides tightly. Did the Xiamu family no longer had any influence over him?

Xiamu Qingyan walked towards Xirong Ziye. Raising her head, she looked at him and asked, “Ziye, you weren’t like this in the past. You ignored me and refused to see me. I don’t believe that you’re so cruel!”

“Xiamu Qingyan, I’m sorry. Just take it as I’ve done you wrong!” Xirong Ziye turned away, refusing to look at her.

Xiamu Qingyan grabbed Xirong Ziye’s sleeve and asked, “Ziye, why? Why? I didn’t expect this to happen. Is it because you fainted at the plaza? I didn’t bring you there on purpose. I didn’t know you weren’t feeling well during that time. I really had no idea…”

At that moment, Xiamu Qingyan was rather flustered. It seemed like she was clutching at straws and was desperately trying to prove something. She wanted to explain herself and make Xirong Ziye return to her.

It would have been better if Xiamu Qingyan didn’t mention anything. Once she spoke, she reminded Xirong Ziye of what happened back then.

Back then, he had grown frantic because of Bai Yaoyao’s departure and the intimate photos of her and another man. He seemed to have somewhat understood his heart at that time, but wasn’t too sure.

Therefore, he had many sleepless nights during that period, which resulted in his poor health at that time. He missed Bai Yaoyao very much then.

However, Xiamu Qingyan only cared about herself and wanted him to take her on a date. She had never truly cared for him.

After setting his head straight, he compared the two ladies and realized that Xiamu Qingyan merely claimed to care about him. She only asked and accepted what he offered, but seldom gave.

On the other hand, Bai Yaoyao cared for him and did everything for his well-being. She may not have said a lot of words, but she did everything according to the way he liked it.

She used to be a pampered lady too, but she had learned to cook well for him. As he looked at Xiamu Qingyan’s hands now, he realized they looked too soft and dainty—they had never experienced any hard work.

He wanted a wife, not a model or a mannequin. He finally understood that Bai Yaoyao was the only one who occupied a space in his heart. She was the lady he yearned for.

He didn’t want to meet any other women and just wanted to find Yaoyao to make things up to her.

“Ziye, Ziye…” Xiamu Qingyan looked at Xirong Ziye, who appeared to be in a daze. She couldn’t accept it at all. She was explaining herself so miserably here, but he was spacing out and being unaffected. How could that possibly be?

Xiamu Qingyan still stubbornly believed that Xirong Ziye wouldn’t be so harsh on her. “Ziye, you kissed me before. Have you forgotten? You love me, don’t you? You care about me. You must. You’re just blaming me.”

As she spoke, Xirong Ziye swayed a little as he recovered his senses. He said, “I’m sorry, Xiamu Qingyan. There are many other men who are better than me. I cannot let her down, so you better forget about everything!”

Xiamu Qingyan stumbled and said, “Ha! You can’t let her down, but you’re willing to let me down? Who is she? Is she a mistress whom you kept at the White House? Ha! Indeed, you can’t forget about her. How is she better than me?”

Xirong Ziye’s heart trembled, and his eyes widened instantly. He stared at Xiamu Qingyan in disbelief and asked coldly, “So, you knew about her and the White House all along?”