Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 996

Chapter 996 She Had Actually Deceived Him

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Xirong Ziye’s gaze was icy cold.

As Xirong Ziye watched her, Xiamu Qingyan suddenly shivered and realized what she had just said. At that moment, even if she wanted to stop talking or take back her words, it was already too late.

Xirong Ziye strode over to Xiamu Qingyan, and he could clearly see the expression on her face and the look in her eyes. Guilt was written all over her.

Xirong Ziye grabbed her arm and yelled, “Tell me! Did you know? Did you know right from the start?”

Xirong Ziye wasn’t stupid. With just those few words, he had already understood everything. No wonder someone had found out about Yaoyao even though he had hidden her well. No wonder the Xiamu family had threatened him and forced him to abandon Yaoyao.

Indeed, he had been played like a fool. He was afraid that he would hurt Xiamu Qingyan and make her sad if she found out. That was why he had chased Bai Yaoyao away.

Xirong Ziye had never felt so stupid before. Furious, his grip on Xiamu Qingyan’s arm tightened.

Xiamu Qingyan was in pain, but seeing Xirong Ziye’s face, she didn’t dare to say much. “Ziye, my arm hurts. Ziye…”

“Tell me. Did you know everything from the start?”

“I… I… ” Xiamu Qingyan was cunning, but she still lacked in many ways. As Xirong Ziye stared at her coldly, her heart still felt empty.

She remained silent, and it just proved that she admitted to it. Xirong Ziye finally understood too.

“So, you’ve deceived me.” As Xirong Ziye spoke, he released his grip on Xiamu Qingyan’s arm.

“No, no, Ziye, you have to trust me. I didn’t deceive you. I didn’t…” Xiamu Qingyan was already fumbling over her words. She didn’t know how to explain herself anymore.

Xirong Ziye raised his head and looked at the sky. His heart felt bitter. Yaoyao had suffered so much. She must have felt very miserable after he abandoned her.

Feeling overwhelmed and stifled deep down, Xirong Ziye suddenly couldn’t catch his breath. He waved his hand at Xiamu Qingyan and said, “It doesn’t matter anymore. Leave!”

“No, Ziye, you care about me. I care about you too. How can I live without you?” At that moment, Xiamu Qingyan looked beautiful and innocent while crying, and any man would take pity on her.

However, Xirong Ziye didn’t. He merely grabbed her hands and pried them away from his arm.

At that moment, Xirong Ziye thought about how Xiamu Qingyan had said she couldn’t leave him, despite the short amount of time they spent together. What about Yaoyao then?

She had loved him for so many years, yet was abandoned by him. What would happen to her?

Xirong Ziye’s heart felt dull and heavy. His mind was in a turbulent mess.

Yun Bixue and Xie Limo prepared to go to her grandfather’s villa for the reunion dinner. That afternoon, they went to the supermarket to buy some food and ingredients. Just when they were about to leave, Yun Bixue noticed a familiar figure in the plaza.

She asked Xie Limo, “Isn’t that Xirong Ziye?”

Xie Limo followed the direction where Yun Bixue pointed and nodded in agreement. “Yes, it’s him!”

Yun Bixue clenched her jaw and pushed the bags that she was holding to Xie Limo furiously. “He said that he wanted to look for Yaoyao to make it up to her, but he’s meeting another woman here. Hmph!” As she spoke, she stormed towards his direction.

A resigned yet indulgent glint flashed across Xie Limo’s eyes. He knew what his wife was going to do.

He was rather worried. Although he knew that Xirong Ziye wouldn’t retaliate, he still walked over and calmly followed her.