Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 997

Chapter 997 Sarcastic Applause

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A loving glint flashed across Xie Limo’s eyes as he watched his wife’s intimidating footsteps. No matter what, he would still support his wife.

Xie Limo carried several bags of groceries, yet he still walked with grace.

Regardless of where he went, he still radiated an aura of elegance.

Meanwhile, Xiamu Qingyan still pestered Xirong Ziye, attempting to explain herself.

However, Xirong Ziye could no longer listen to her any further. No matter what had happened in the past, he just wanted to find Bai Yaoyao now.

“Xiamu Qingyan, I’ve already let you go, so let me go too!” Because Xiamu Qingyan had deceived him, Xirong Ziye’s words turned harsher.

Xiamu Qingyan cried so much that her vision started to blur. Because of her artificial facial features, her crying made her expressions look awkward and stiff. She looked hideous, but she had no idea.

Xirong Ziye felt that his patience had run out. He never knew that women can go on and on for such a long time.

“Xiamu Qingyan, you’re not the one I love. Don’t you understand that?”

“No, Ziye, don’t you remember when we first met? It was a spring day when all the flowers bloomed.” Although she had already planned that meeting for a long time, she still believed that that beautiful scene would be memorable for him too.

Xirong Ziye’s heart shuddered, and he shook his head. “The memories of my past are too blurry now. Xiamu Qingyan, no matter what you say, they’re meaningless to me. I know clearly what I want now. Also, your Xiamu family forced me to chase her away, but I don’t blame you. It’s my fault. Now, let’s just end things here!”

Xiamu Qingyan garnered all her strength and hugged Xirong Ziye around his waist. She embraced him tightly and began to bawl.

Xirong Ziye merely looked at her in a daze. If she cried so badly even while hugging him, how hard did Yaoyao cry back then?

The moment he thought about it, his heart ached.

At that moment, they heard applause coming from the side. “Wow, so exciting!”

Xirong Ziye was taken aback. He raised his head to look at the source and saw Yun Bixue standing nearby, clapping at the two of them. Sarcasm and scorn were written all over her face.

She was Bai Yaoyao’s best friend, so he couldn’t let her misunderstand him.

Xirong Ziye pushed Xiamu Qingyan away immediately.

Being shoved away so suddenly, Xiamu Qingyan lost her footing and almost crashed on the ground.

Xirong Ziye shook his head at Yun Bixue and explained, “It’s not what you think it is. I only care about Yaoyao.”

Yun Bixue scoffed, her lips curling into a smirk. She crossed her arms and walked towards them. “If it’s not what I think it is, then what’s really happening? Indeed, men just want to enjoy the company of many women. Hmph! I pity Yaoyao. She even wanted to end her life!”

After hearing that last statement, Xirong Ziye was so stunned that his expression changed. His ears rang, and his head began to throb.

He felt his heart ache sharply, and he couldn’t even breathe. “Do you mean… Yaoyao tried to…”

“Do you still care about Bai Yaoyao? Aren’t you hugging another woman now? Tsk, tsk!”

As she spoke, Yun Bixue walked around Xiamu Qingyan, studying her as though she was an object. “You abandoned Yaoyao just for this? She’s just so-so. I really can’t tell how she’s better than Yaoyao.”

Xiamu Qingyan tried hard to stand firmly. She hadn’t even snapped out of her shock before Yun Bixue began her verbal attack.

She felt that she was being looked down upon, and it was a feeling that she had never experienced before. “Do you know who I am? How dare you talk to me like that?”