Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 999

Chapter 999 Who Is She?

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Xiamu Qingyan had never suffered such humiliation before. In Country E, she was the high and mighty daughter of the Xiamu family, and everyone would greet her respectfully. However, this woman simply disregarded her, and her words were even dripping with sarcasm and insults.

Xiamu Qingyan was so livid that her body kept trembling.

As she watched the man who had just walked over, she suddenly felt that no words could describe him adequately. She didn’t know that there was a man who was even more perfect than Xirong Ziye. When he lowered his head and smiled, he looked so gentle, and she could seemingly smell the fragrance of a flower emanating from him.

As she watched, Xiamu Qingyan’s eyes were filled with intense jealousy.

Xiamu Qingyan had always pictured herself as the perfect role model. But today, she had suffered a huge blow, and her true self was slowly showing itself.

Yun Bixue answered Xie Limo with a smile. “She’s just a pretentious pretty face. There’s nothing worth looking at.”

As she spoke, she looked at Xirong Ziye again and said, “I think that even if Yaoyao knows that you’ve come for her, she won’t come back. You said you’re here to look for Yaoyao, but this is the truth that I witnessed with my own eyes. You better be careful!”

After saying that, Yun Bixue glanced at Xiamu Qingyan. With a smirk, she narrowed her eyes at her and finally left with Xie Limo.

Xiamu Qingyan was so exasperated that she stomped her feet. She asked, “Who is she?”

Xirong Ziye turned back and saw Xiamu Qingyan glaring at Xie Limo and Yun Bixue. A sinister glint was evident in her eyes.

Xirong Ziye was taken aback. He suddenly felt that he didn’t understand this woman at all. Besides looking like his first love, he didn’t know anything else about her.

At that moment, he felt that he had missed something. Had she been deceiving him all along?

Xirong Ziye gave Xiamu Qingyan a sharp look and asked, “Did you ask your family to force me to make a choice?”

Xiamu Qingyan decided to deny it all the way. She widened her beautiful eyes and answered pitifully, “Ziye, how could you ask me that? I didn’t know the truth at the start and only found out later. Why would I make my family force you to make a choice? You know that my father calls the shots in my family.”

Xirong Ziye listened with a frosty expression. Whatever she and her family did in the past, he didn’t care about it anymore. Now, his sole thought was to find Yaoyao and make it up to her.

If he couldn’t find her, his heart would feel incomplete. He wouldn’t even be able to fall asleep.

Xirong Ziye didn’t care about Xiamu Qingyan anymore and walked past her.

Since Xiamu Qingyan had already come here, she definitely couldn’t let Xirong Ziye leave just like that. She grabbed his arm and said, “Ziye, everyone is waiting for you to return. The entire country knows that we’re a couple, and this would be detrimental to your reputation as the President!”

Xirong Ziye didn’t turn around at all. His lips parted briefly as he said, “So what? I don’t care!” He had hurt Yaoyao repeatedly just for his status and reputation, and he couldn’t upset her any longer.

Hearing no hesitation in Xirong Ziye’s reply, Xiamu Qingyan felt anger surging through her. She yelled, “Do you really care so much about her? Is she more important to you than anything else? Don’t forget that you chose me at the start. Ziye, you can’t do this to me!”

“Xiamu Qingyan, I can’t deceive you, and I definitely cannot deceive myself. I know clearly who I love, and I don’t want to miss her anymore.”

Chewing on her lip, Xiamu Qingyan watched as Xirong Ziye vanished from her sight. She ran a few steps forward and shouted, “Ziye, are you abandoning your position as president? If you are, you won’t have the power to look for her!”