Rise Of Humanity Chapter 592

Chapter 592

Chapter 592 - Beleaguered And The Last Glimpse of Hope

Swords Gate arrived just moments before Zhong Yue collapsed into the deep abyss of eternal death. Once Shui Zian found out Zhong Yue was battling the godly spirits in the Divine Battlefield, Jun Sixie ordered the whole of Swords Gate to cast the altar on the Golden Summit and lead the experts to support Zhong Yue.

The battle of the Divine Battlefield was unjust in the first place, Zhong Yue only had Shi Buyi by his side while the West Barren had an obscene number of godly spirits involved in the battle. Surely, it was only time for the West Barren celestial race to exhaust Zhong Yues and Shi Buyis energy before killing them!

Junior Martial Brother Zhong, that idiot! Why didnt he say anything instead of bearing the entire burden on his own? Jun Sixie was filled with killing intent as she exchanged a look with Fang Jiange before walking toward the Sui Tree with him.

Immediately, Clan Master Xia and Zhurong Yanqin abruptly flashed over and blocked their way.

Jun Sixie gritted her teeth, she held the Great Boundless Divine Sword in her hands and said with clenched teeth, Clans Master Xia, Madam Zhurong, dont you think the two of you been over reacting?

Clan Master Xia replied with a cold sneer, He stole my Four Symbol Banner, destroyed my Fiery Capital, and is the root cause of my grand ancestors death. Tell me then, who is the one over reacting here? Headmaster Jun, Zhong Yue must die here today, there is no other way, not on my watch!

Zhurong Yanqin smiled as well, Headmaster Jun, dont be too furious yet. Zhong Yue entered the West Barren and antagonized the gods first himself. Its not that the West Barren gods are acting unreasonably, but your dear Junior Martial Brother Zhong capturing the West Barren Wei Xue God. His actions were taken as a sign of hostility to the West Barren, and thus, the West Barren gods are just acting in accordance to their ancient rules.

If he can fight off the gods and leave the West Barren, the celestial race will not pursue further this matter further, and he can take the Wei Xue God away with him. This is one of the few rules the celestial races live by. This is also a show of respect to him. Back in the days, your human ancestor, Sword God, had done the same thing, fighting off the West Barren gods on his own and leading the humans out of the West Barren. Why else do you think the West Barren celestial race allowed you humans to live for so long? Its just history repeating itself.

Jun Sixies heart tensed up as she listened.

The establishment of the Great Wilderness and Swords Gate was solely because of the first headmaster, he was the one that led the humans out from the West Barren and formed the Great Wilderness. But surprisingly, to the human race, even after his death, the West Barren celestial race didnt wage war against them.

Jun Sixie couldnt figure out why until now. It was because of the ancient rules of the West Barren celestial racethe winner walked away freely, and the loser died!

Wei Xue God is a god, how can Junior Martial Brother Zhong even capture him? Jun Sixie laughed in anger, This is an evil ploy by the West Barren celestial race, an excuse to kill him!

But Zhurong Yanqin shook her head, her face turned solemn as she said, Headmaster Jun, it is true Zhong Yue had captured the Gui Shen Celestial Races Wei Xue God on his own. Even Senior Zhu Jiumu came to stop him, but he declined the celestial races good will. Furthermore, before the battles began, the West Barren celestial race did again try to convince him to free Wei Xue God, and he will be let free after, good will that he also refused to accept.

The West Barren is after all the ancient imperial court of the celestial race, and the celestial races their own pride and dignity, he can refuse their good will once, but never the second time. Now, the only way left for him is to fight out of the West Barren, just like your Swords Gates venerable first headmaster the Sword God. The rules are to be followed, and if Headmaster Jun decides to interfere now, all of the West Barren celestial races, even the neutral ones, will rise against the human race. Now, I do sincerely advise you to reconsider your actions.

But Fang Jiange strode forward firmly, a flash of sword ray shrouded his body as he moved. He had succeeded in cultivating the state of extremity in the Imminent Deity level, his sword ray was now forged into a malefic weapon. The sword ray suddenly lunged toward Clan Master and he heard, Words never work, a second longer means a greater risk for Junior Martial Brother Zhongs survival!

Jun Sixie cleared her mind of hesitation and yelled out while casting out the Great Boundless Divine Sword toward Zhurong Yanqin, Its natural for the West Barren celestial race to stop Junior Martial Brother Zhong, after all, they are the ones he provoked. But you Zhong Li Celestial Race are from the South Barren, why are you two here interfering in this affair? I will kill the two of you if anything happens to Junior Martial Brother Zhong!

Although the Great Boundless Divine Sword was not her lifebound soul weapon, it was still stronger than Fang Jianges malefic weapon. Despite her lacking cultivation compared to Fang Jiange, Jun Sixie was no weaker with the help of the divine sword!

Clan Master Xia gave a cold snort, he took a step forward and dashed out like an arrow toward Fang Jiange. As the clan master of the Zhong Li Celestial Race, he was also a demigod just like Shi Buyi, except that he hadnt cultivated the state of extremity in the Imminent Deity level. Whereas Zhurong Yanqin was a fine line weaker than him.

The four clashed in pairs, Zhurong Yanqin shook her head, she sighed and said, Headmaster Jun, you are breaking the rules of the West Barren, you are forcing the celestial race to war against the humans. As the human Swords Gate headmaster, shouldnt you reconsider Hmm?

She saw a figure flash across the corner of her eyes, it was an old man, one who was renowned across the Ancestral Star. She quickly turned to stop him from getting to the Sui Tree but she was stalled by Jun Sixie and Fang Jiange.

Shui Zian! The old man was none other than Shui Zian.

Mister Kun Da! Zhurong Yanqins face turned pallid, and she shouted, Stop him! Shui Zian mustnt be allowed to intervene the battle! Do it, its not against the West Barren rules for you to stop him!

Mister Kun Da, Mister Peng Da, and the other Kun Peng experts were worshipping the Divine Wing Saber and Lord Kun, so their grand ancestor could have enough power to fight the Lord Dragon. When they heard Zhurong Yanqin, Mister Kun Da instantly bolted toward Shui Zian.

The power of worship was the fuel for the battle of the godly spirits, once the worship stopped, the godly spirits would fall into deep slumber again.

At the same time, the power the godly spirits could unleash was dictated by the number and prowess of the worshippers as well as the quality of the offerings. Among the thousands of West Barren celestial races, some of them had only a little few clansmen, and so the powers of the respective godly spirits were weak and limited, which was one of the reasons why Zhong Yue could last so long.

Whereas the Kun Peng Celestial Race came prepared, many experts came and worshipped Lord Kun and the Divine Wing saber as Lord Kun foresaw the dragon race and Lord Dragon coming to snatch away the saint saber.

Now, with Mister Kun Da leaving from the worships, it affected Lord Kuns prowess, but it was minimal in totality. It wasnt significant enough to cause Lord Kuns defeat.

But right when Mister Kun Da rushed for Shui Zian, another figure flashed out from the Lian Yun Mountain Ridge toward the Sui Tree like lightning.

Monster race, Gu Hongzi!

Zhurong Yanqins heart skipped a beat, she immediately commanded the Xia Clans and Zhu Rong Clans four magnates to stop him down. The Xia Clan and Zhu Rong Clan brought many experts along as well, even with the absence of the four magnates and the two clan masters, the Eight Dragons Heaven Suppression Cauldron was powerful enough. It still at least eighty-percent of its usual power.

Now, even Gu Hongzi been stopped, who else can the Zhong Shan Clan member?

Just as she was thinking about it, she saw Shao Dian carrying a youngster on the back while rushing down from the Lian Yun Mountain Ridge. The bear hide on the young child was cast out, it turned into a muscular black bear with wings and it rushed toward the Sui Tree!

That sword Zhurong Yanqins eyes throbbed as she stared at the divine sword behind the young child. At that instant, she finally knew what was up in Swords Gates sleeves; Jun Sixie, Fang Jiange, Shui Zian, and Gu Hongzi were all just decoys to attract their attention, the real saviour to Zhong Yues life was that young child, or to be precise, the divine sword hovering behind him!

Gongsun Xuanyuan and the Xuan Yuan Sword!

That divine sword was an unearthly treasure from the Human Sovereign, be it the Eight Dragons Heaven Suppression Cauldron or the Divine Wing Saber, none of the other weapons were able to match its overbearing power!

Mister Peng Da! Zhurong Yanqin shouted again, Quickly stop the young child!

Mister Peng Da looked over and saw the father and son rushing down from the snowy mountain, hesitation radiated across his face but he had no choice. His mortal body abruptly turned into a huge Peng, and an ocean poured down from the sky toward Shao Dian and Xuan Yuan.

He didnt dare to engage directly with the Xuan Yuan Sword, furthermore, his goal was to stall them from getting close to the Sui Tree. Thus, he gushed out an ocean to block their paths.

Shao Dian stopped and frowned, he placed Xuan Yuan down on the ground and covered the bear hide on his young sons shoulder. He patted the Xuan Yuans shoulder and said, Ill open a path for you, you will to run on your own!

Xuan Yuan nodded, and Shao Dian walked forward while striking his punches against Mister Peng Das arcane energy, breaking a path out in the middle of the ocean.

What are you waiting for? Go!

Young Xuan Yuan inhaled deeply and braced himself, he printed into the opened path and rushed to the other end.

There, a towering tree burning in fire was his destination. But when he was only a small distance from reaching it, a man dressed in a yellow scholars robe abruptly appeared in front of him, with his upper body covered by a white umbrella.

This sword, so this is the divine sword inside of the Swords Gate Mountain? The white umbrella slowly lifted, revealing a strange-looking man underneath. He had two evil looking Pan Ao heads on his chest, and a neck with no head.

Xuan Yuan was terrified, he murmured to himself, What race is this?

Little boy, there is no need to be afraid. I am your Uncle Wuji. The two Pan Ao heads laughed and said, But I cant let you pass, you may stop here now Stun!

The Skills of Dictionburst out in power and stunned Xuan Yuan on the spot.

Xuan Yuan rolled his eyes and with just a thought, the Xuan Yuan Sword behind him suddenly moved as though it was never stunned, slashing down at Feng Wuji!

Feng Wujis faces changed drastically as the divine sword locked onto him. Seeing that the divine sword was about to land on him, he suddenly shouted, Sleep!

The young Xuan Yuan was sent into a dizzy spell, and collapsed to the ground. Immediately, the divine sword stopped inches away from Feng Wuji, and it reappeared back around the sleeping boy, safeguarding its masters safety.

Feng Wuji shifted his gaze between the divine sword and the young boy, he then turned and left while murmuring, What a fortunate child, if it wasnt for this sword, he would be long dead already Zhong Yue, lets see how longer you can last!

He raised his head and looked at the Sui Tree for a final time before disappearing. His voice could still be faintly heard in the wind, If you are waiting for your incarnations, then Im sorry to say that my incarnations have stopped them from coming. The time you die is when I will reclaim my lost head!

On the Lian Yun Mountain Ridge, at the summit of the snow mountain. The gales were strong, and the thunder rumbled with the lightning flashes.

Long Yue cast out three divine sabers and fought in a bloody battle with Qiu Qingshan while Feng Wujis demon incarnation clashed with Bo Xun in another battlefield a distance away.

Zhong Yues two incarnations were intercepted and prevented from returning to him!

Canghai, are you really doing it?

At the other end far away from the battles, Bai Zhenbei looked at Bai Canghai in seriousness as he whispered softly, The divine battle is an ancient rule, the Bai Zhe Clan will be hated forever by the West Barren celestial race if we interfere with the development of battles. You must know that the Bai Zhe Clan can only live so long because we never interfere with any worldly affairs!

Bai Canghai laughed back as he replied, Teacher, I wont interfere with the battle. Im merely just returning Senior Martial Brother Zhong his cultivation base, even the West Barren celestial race cannot hold me responsible of the battle for returning whats belonging to the others. Go!

As he finished saying, a ray of Pure Yang Qi burst out toward Zhong Yue who was ten thousand miles away from them. As the Pure Yang Qi flew further away, it grew larger and eventually, turned into a grandiose Pure Yang fire dragon that soared toward the Sui Tree!

Somehow, somewhat, I have a feeling you have triggered something Bai Zhenbei mumbled worryingly.

Bai Canghai grinned broadly and talked back, Do you really think I am the Comet Innate Spirit Body? Not to mention that such a kind of innate spirit body might not even exi-... What?

Canghai, you dare to say there isnt any Comet Innate Spirit Body? Look at that, look at what youve done Cold sweat burst out of Bai Zhenbeis forehead and soaked his clothes as he mumbled in terror.

Meanwhile, Bai Canghai glared his eyes round and big at the sudden development of situation. He mumbled, Teacher, I think we should leave now, if anyone finds out I am the one that gave out the Pure Yang Qi, the Bai Zhe Clan might really be torn into pieces

Leave, leave! The two teacher and disciple rapidly cleared their tracks and left like a flash of lightning.