Road To The Crown Chapter 136

Chapter 136: Annoying success

26th April 1574 for visiting.

Waking up in the morning, I hoped that I could once again sneakily craft some concrete from the limestone blocks, only to realise that rather than waking up by myself, it was one of the workers shaking my arm.

"What's g-goin on"

With my mind still trying its best to return to the sweet dream in which I was spending quality time with Elia in the modern world, showing her all the wonders of the civilisation, it took me a while to shake the sleepiness off and realise that I couldn't see any sunlight from the small opening between the side of the tent and its pulled opening cloth.

"Sir, they finished the furnace!"

Only when hearing those words did I manage to push my sleepiness aside, shake my head to clear it from the remnants of the dreaming state and properly move out from the bedding made by placing several blankets directly on the hard ground.