Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 103

Chapter 103 Washing His Face Did Not Do Anything

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The dorm was empty, and Liu Rui and Huang Guangming were singing their heads off in the gymnasium.

Lu Zhou climbed in bed and went into the system space.

The mathematics award was nowhere in sight, but he since he had already signed the letter of intent, at least mission two was in the bag.

[Chosen Mission Two: Start your career]

The moment that Lu Zhou chose Mission Two, a notification popped up.

[Congratulations user for completing the mission!]

[Mission completion details is as follows: Total assets reach five million yuan. Mission evaluation: B]

[Mission reward: 5000 experience points toward any subjects. 500 general points. One lucky draw ticket (90% garbage, 10% sample)]

Lu Zhou looked at the mission completion notification and sighed in relief.

Turned out he guessed correctly.

The asset that the system mentioned was not the amount in his bank account. Although the five million investment from Zhongshan New Materials for the Campus Assistant was not in Lu Zhous account yet, the two parties had signed a letter of intent for cooperation and paid 500,000 yuan in advance. The transaction had been deemed to have been established. The money could be considered to have been obtained.

Although Fat Wu had a 5% stake on the contract, it had not been transferred yet, so Lu Zhous stake was still 80%. The net value of Campus Assistant was five million, and 80% of that was four million.

Actually, he had to minus the debt to get the true net asset. However, since he earned some money from working and the money from the Higher Education Society Cup, he had enough to offset this debt.

Plus, since he received a million for Zhous conjecture, he had just enough to meet the mission requirements.

However, the systems evaluation was B.

As for the reason, he was unsure.

Lu Zhou was sad to see Mission Three go, but he turned to look at his characteristic panel.

His mathematics level was already at Level 2. He just needed fifty thousand more for the next level. If he threw in the five thousand experience points he just got, it would not make a difference. There were three rows of zeros sitting on his characteristic panel, and it looked kind of embarrassing.

Also, he suspected that the blueprints that he obtained from the lucky draw were related to the core science levels.

He had to adhere to the principle of balanced learning, so Lu Zhou divided 3000 experience into biochemistry, materials science, and energy science. His decision upgraded all of them from Level 0 to Level 1.

As for the remaining 2000 experience points, he allocated them all into the information science branch.


Core science:

A. Mathematics: Level 2 (2000/50000)

B. Physics: Level 1 (2100/10000)

C. Biochemistry: Level 1 (0/10000)

D. Engineering: Level 1 (0/10000)

E. Materials science: Level 1 (0/10000)

F. Energy science: Level 1 (0/10000)

G. Information science: Level 1 (2600/10000)

General points: 1475 (one lucky draw ticket)


Lu Zhou checked his updated characteristic panel before he exited the system space.

Next was the lucky draw.

However, before the lucky draw, he decided to wash his face.


Washing his face did not seem to help much.

Lu Zhou looked at the can like object in the semi-transparent information screen. He could not help but kick the prize wheel.

F*ck sake!

I got a can of sprite this time!

Im so angry!

Lu Zhou took a deep breath and calmed himself down before he opened the mission panel from the information screen.

The three missions popped up in the center of the semi-transparent information screen.


Mission 1: Start your career.

Description: Capital is the torch that illuminates technological advancement. Angel financing is just the beginning, and there are rounds of ABCD financing waiting for the user. Work hard toward technology that will take over the globe. You will become the ultimate entrepreneur. You will monopolize the future of civilization. The whole planet will become your playground. And now, what you need to do is to leave the novice village

Requirements: Start Series A of financing (minimum 20 million yuan. Final evaluation is determined by the amount of investment)

Reward: 1???? experience points toward any subjects. 500 general points. One lucky draw ticket (90% garbage, 10% blueprint)



Mission 2: Librarian is a great profession

Description: Textbooks are the source of knowledge.

Requirements: Become a librarian

Reward: 5000 experience points toward any subjects. 200 general points. One lucky draw ticket (95% garbage, 5% blueprint).



Mission 3: The road to scientific research:

Description: The academic road of research is long. It requires thinking and hard work. There is no shortcut.

Requirements: Complete a scientific research project without using general points. Come up with at least one patent. (If a number of patents are generated, the patent in which the user has the most involvement with will be selected)]

Reward: Experience points are determined by the value of patent and research. 500 general points. 24 hours of inspiration time (can be used at any time)]


Lu Zhou wondered if the missions had a connection between them. For example, Mission One was obviously connected to his last mission.

If five million yuan corresponded to 5000 experience points, do 10 million yuan correspond to 10,000 experience points? It seems like a good deal if I can get billions of investments

Okay, thats not realistic.

As for Mission Two, Lu Zhou was scared that he was going to get baited by the seemingly easy mission. If he became a librarian, he might receive unforeseen consequences.

Lu Zhou looked at the rewards for Mission Two. It was too low for him so he ignored it.

As for Mission Three

Lu Zhou looked at the reward and was shocked.

What is inspiration hours?

He remembered that he received immersive learning hours before, but he did not know what it did. The system did not give any explanations about the inspiration hours.

Lu Zhou looked at the mission description.

The mission requirements were pretty easy. There were no rigid requirements for a specific scientific research field. Instead, he just had to create a patent.

Carefully recalled that when he wrote his last thesis, he did not use general points.

Professor Li Rongen had recently submitted the final report and there was still a long time until the conclusion report. He did not know if this could count toward his mission.

If it did not, it would be a bit of a hassle

Lu Zhou thought for a long time. Finally, he chose the most cost-effective Mission Three.

It was not just because of the missions flexibility, he was also curious what the inspiration hours would do.

If Professor Li Rongens project did not count, then he would just have to find another research team to join.

He believed that with his abilities, he would be able to find a good research team.

Even if he could not find one, he could just apply for a research project himself, right?