Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 104

Chapter 104 The Expected Ending

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Lu Zhou accepted the mission before he left the system space. He then opened his computer and logged onto the website of Computational Materials Science.

After all, this was not his first time submitting a thesis. So, he swiftly filled in his personal data and uploaded his thesis.

At this moment, the dorm door was pushed open.

Shi Shang was carrying a guitar and flowers as he walked in confidently.

Once Lu Zhou uploaded his thesis, he was about to ask how Shi Shangs singing went, but Liu Rui suddenly entered the dorm and shouted excitedly.

F*ck, Zhou, Shi Shang was really nutty today!

Huang Guangming came in last. He was smirking as he said slyly, Cant believe someone would give this ugly ass flowers.

Hey, what did you just say! said Shi Shang unhappily. He slammed his fist down on the table and said, Ill sit under your bed tonight, and play the guitar all night!

Brother, I was wrong, forgive me!

Shi Shang, forgive me!


Fine, fine, said Shi Shang as he rubbed his nose. He then placed the flowers in a toothbrush cup. Lu Zhou wanted to capture Shi Shangs face and give it to Xiao Ai as an expression emoji.

Everyone knew what was going on.

The girl that gave him flowers was probably a newcomer to the guitar club, and she had probably been flirting with him since long ago.

However, since Shi Shang did not talk about it, so no one talked about it either.

As if they were jealous.

Fine, when Lu Zhou thought about it, he was still pretty jealous.

He was not jealous of someone crushing on him, or the singing crowd.

Just what

Since he was horrible at singing, Lu Zhou was jealous of anyone that could sing.

Shi Shang paused for a second and changed his tone before he said slowly, Ive said it when we first entered this dorm, dont forget the people that started from the bottom with you. If I get a girlfriend, my first job is to find girlfriends for you guys!

Liu Rui raised his hand, Dorm leader, how do you plan on doing that?

Shi Shang said, Ill make friends with the female dorms!

Nice nice.

Nutty nutty.

Like this, Shi Shang talked sh*t until midnight.

In the end, Lu Zhou barely even listened properly.

Once he uploaded the thesis, he prepared the PowerPoint for tomorrows meeting. It was already one oclock in the morning when he put his laptop aside.

Lu Zhou was about to go to sleep when he suddenly remembered something. He opened his WeChat and went to his friends news feed.

The latest post on his news feed was from three hours ago, and it was from Shi Shang.

It was only one sentence.

It basically said, Oh, I got confessed to again. Sorry, youre a nice person.

Lu Zhou sighed after he read this.

This ending was expected.

He felt bad for this honest boy

The next day at Building A, activity room

In the meeting, Lu Zhou fulfilled his promise. He took 20% of his shares and distributed it to his entrepreneurial partners.

In addition to the 5% promised to Fat Wu, Yuan Liwei and Rong Hai also each got 5%. As for the remaining 5%, they were distributed to the remaining five people.

The 500,000 yuan advance payment had already been paid. They could use this money to rent office space, hire programmers, upgrade servers

Campus Assistant Club would further expand now.

Next was the personnel arrangement.

The technical manager was still Rong Hai. However, Lu Zhou learned from other startups and changed his title to technical director, or CTO, which sounded better.

In the same manner, he also changed the general manager title to CEO.

What was surprising was that everyone thought Lu Zhou would appoint Wu Dahai as CEO, but instead he appointed Yuan Liwei.

Everyone was slightly surprised when they hear Yuan Liweis position.

Of course, this business school genius was only surprised for a second, but he quickly restored his calm.

Indeed, this was the most sensible choice.

The equity allocation and personnel appointments were over. From now on, things would be different. Not only were they members of the Campus Assistant Club or just a part of the entrepreneurial team, but they were also the shareholders of Campus Assistant. The future development of Campus Assistant would be closely related to their own interests.

Before the project went profitable or received its Series A financing, the salaries of all the workers were only a symbolic yuan. No one could sell their shares within three years.

Lastly, in order to prevent loss of equity due to personnel changes, Lu Zhou made a special provision.

If someone left the team in the future, the board would start a voting process. When the number of votes was greater than two-thirds, the company would be able to purchase shares from the other party at the most recent financing price. The company would be able to deposit the shares in the equity pool for rewards to other executives.

This was also a way to avoid the possibility of competitors buying shares at a premium.

Once everyone left after the meeting, Lu Zhou found Wu Dahai and talked about his job title.

Lu said, Ive two options here for you, one is personnel director

Wu Dahai asked, Whats the other one?

Lu Zhou said, Executive Vice President.

Wu Dahai held his breath.

This position was similar to the chairman. The difference was that the chairman was usually the largest shareholder, but the board members were selected by the executive vice president. In terms of power, there was not much difference between the two.

Fat Wu went silent for about a minute. He did not make a choice, but instead, he asked, What about you?


Lu Zhou laughed.

He actually thought about this decision a long time ago, even before he decided to give 20% equity to his other entrepreneurial partners.

Yuan Liwei would be CEO, responsible for the companys specific operations. Fat Wu would be the executive vice president who would be responsible for coordinating the relationship between shareholders and to make decisions on behalf of the board while being in line with the common interest of shareholders.

With these two big positions, as long as they did not have any conflicts, the entrepreneurial team could survive without their founder.

In fact, this might even be better?

Rather than the management of a business, Lu Zhou felt that his ability was more suitable for scientific research.

Although entrepreneurship sounded interesting, a persons energy was limited. He had to use his limited energy in meaningful places. This was why Lu Zhou did not choose Mission One and chose Mission Three instead.

Lu Zhou thought for a long time and felt like the title of the large shareholder was more suitable for himself.

If in the future, he needed money for research, he could still sell his shares.

The best would be for Fat Wu to lead Campus Assistant and make the company go public.

Of course, this was just a wish.

All Lu Zhou could do was to send Fat Wu to the racing line.

I want to continue my studies, answered Lu Zhou.

After a pause, Lu Zhou continued, The stage for you is already built, thats all I can do. Campus Assistants future depends on you.

Fat Wu was dumbfounded after he heard Lu Zhou.

What kind of management chose to leave the company at its early stages?

Even though Wu Dahai was a pretty good second-in-command

Still studying! Youre already a millionaire! Can you make us go public by studying! said Fat Wu with a smile.

He also wanted to add, Youre learning the mathematics of all things.

Lu Zhou looked at Fat Wu and sighed.

Why are you exaggerating?

We just got angel financing, and youre already talking about going public.

There were millions of companies that could not get financing and millions more that could get financing. The ones that could go public were literally one in a million. They would be lucky to get Series B financing.

Lu Zhou shook his head and said, Nope, studying wont make us go public.

Fat Wu slapped his thigh and said, Thats what Im saying!

But, said Lu Zhou. He paused for a second before saying, One day Ill be so nutty that others will beg me to go public

Fat guy Wu:

Why is he so cocky?

He just wanted to say f*ck you.