Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 105

Chapter 105 The Saddest Thing In Life..

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Wei Feng could not sleep last night. The meeting today made him so excited that he forgot what was going on.

In the meeting, Club President Lu Zhou announced the news of financing. Not only that, but he also fulfilled his previous promise of equity.

From today, Wei Feng would be one of the shareholders of Campus Assistant. Even though he only had 1.3% equity, it still made him proud and excited.

His month long of persistence and trust was not for nothing.

When he went back to his dorm, his roommates were playing video games.

His friends saw him come back and they smiled as they asked, “Brother Feng, where did you go? Why aren’t you playing with us?”

“I had a club meeting, you guys play. I still have some stuff to do,” said Wei Feng with a smile.

He learned more in the past month than his last semester. He could not learn those valuable software development skills in class.

Not only this, their entrepreneurial team had geniuses from each department. He felt like he lacked strength. He was the only programmer other than Rong Hai that did not leave. Otherwise, he would have never gotten the role of deputy technical manager.

It was like this 1.3% stake lit his ass on fire, forcing him to run forward.

Earlier, he went to the library and borrowed two books that Rong Hai told him to read. When he came back, he decided to use his spare time to learn some advanced algorithms.

Even though he was not particularly talented, he knew that if he worked hard, he could catch up to other people.

“Another meeting? I told you, the club is a waste of time,” said Li Ruizhe while clicking on the mouse.

Even though Li Ruizhe was from another dorm, he would move his laptop to this dorm to play video games.

Wei Feng was unhappy when he heard him, and he said, “It’s not a waste of time. I feel quite fulfilled in the club.”

Normally, Li Ruizhe would let this go.

But today, he could not pretend like he did not hear anything.

Li Ruizhe smiled and said arrogantly, “Oh, is it not a waste of time? Fat Wu pretends to be nice, but he’s just a sleazy salesman. He talks about deals with you all day, but did you get anything practical? Also, the founder is even worse. I’ll admit that he’s good at mathematics, but what management skills does he have? What kind of leader is he? And Yuan Liwei”

Wei Feng smiled and said, “Practical? Does equity counts as practical?”

Li Ruizhe was about to activate his ultimate ability, but his finger slipped and almost pressed flash.

He was proven wrong.

This was awkward.

Li Ruizhe snorted and said, “Share? Did he promise you some more shares? He’s just scamming you.”

Wei Feng deliberately said, “He’s not scamming me. He gave me the shares today. The contract is right here. Do you want to see it?”

The other roommates were interested and they interjected in surprise.

“F*ck me, Brother Feng, you’re nutty.”

“Nutty, nutty. I’ll have to call you chairman from now on.”

Wei Feng blushed and said, “What chairman, I’m just a worker. 1.3% equity.”

“1.3% is pretty good! Jack Ma only has 8%”

“Yeah, yeah. Not bad at all. Buy us food.”

The last sentence was an important one.

They did not care about the shares. Who would know if the tiny company would actually pay dividends? They cared only about the food.

Of course, one person cared.

Li Ruizhe had not expected that within half a month of him leaving, everyone that stayed would be given shares. He suddenly felt lost and distorted.

Of course, he was also jealous.

However, he did not show it on his face.

Li Ruizhe looked at Wei Feng’s smug face and said, “It’s just a startup company. It’s all debt. What’s the point of equity? It’s not like they’re paying you. You’re working for them for free.”

Wei Feng laughed and did not say anything.

If Li Ruizhe knew that Campus Assistant just received a five million yuan financing round, he would go crazy. Wei Feng did not want to waste time with him as he had more productive things to do.

He did not mention the financing round at all.

Early morning in December

A WeChat marketing account called “Chicken Wen” scrolled through his news feed.

[From a debt of $500,000 to receive financing of five million yuan, this is a story about a guy the same age as you]

There were quite a few articles with similar titles.

This was a premeditated promotion, and the impetuous atmosphere was spreading.

At the same time, the name of Campus Assistant was also being marketed.

All of this marketing was planned by Yuan Liwei with the marketing budget of $400,000 total.

This business genius that won the Internet Innovation Design Competition, was indeed pretty good at managing businesses. He had already learned the in and outs of we-media marketing.

Judging by the users’ feedback, the marketing could be said to be quite successful. The results that were achieved far exceeded the $400,000 budget. It already passed the “Super Class Schedule” app.

At the same time, Campus Assistant used this popularity to launch the update. Version 1.0 was officially named Campus Assistant. All of the previous Campus Assistant functions were ported onto the Campus Assistant app.

It would soon be January, the back-to-school season. Campus Assistant would be more popular than Campus Train.

Due to this, Yuan Liwei was full of confidence.

Lu Zhou gave the title of the president of the club to Fat Wu and he himself retired from management. He cooperated with the CEO and posted a blog on CEO Lu Zhou’s Weibo account, which had more than 300,000 followers.

It was not a blog, but more of an advertisement.

[Campus Assistant 1.0, go check it out (dog)]

Although this time it did not go on trending, Lu Zhou saw the comment section blow up.

[Why? Isn’t Campus Train dead? Why is it alive now? (tears)(tears)]

[Please, genius, go research your mathematics! (tears) (tears)]

[Male god!!! Do you still need a girlfriend?]

[Oh my god, the genius was followed by Miss Ji!]

[The saddest thing in life is watching others show off their wealth. This genius is talented, has money, has love. I just want to smoke a cigarette in peace.]

[Wasn’t there a guy that bet CEO Lu would never raise a million? The million is now five million. (dog)]

[This guy studies mathematics, solved a world-class mathematics problem. Wrote a program, raised a few million (tears)]

[I think I went to a fake university.]

Lu Zhou looked at the comments and was a little worried for his fans.

He thought about it and decided that being bragged to like this was not easy.

However, they still followed him despite the bragging, so they must really love him.

Lu Zhou did not say anything and turned off his phone.

He put his blanket over his head and he nearly laughed out loud