Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 109

Chapter 109 A Genius Can Never Have Too Many Certificates

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Lu Zhou did not stay at the library all night today. He went to eat noodles at the cafeteria before he went back to his dorm.

He had not even entered the dorm when he heard a loud discussion about the exam questions.

However, the second he entered the door, all of the discussion stopped.

There was no choice, a discussion had to be evenly matched. When Lu Zhou walked in, they went silent.

Oh, you guys can continue, Im not participating. Just pretend like Im not here, said Lu Zhou awkwardly.

Shi Shang coughed and said, Uh, lets change the topic. Zhou, how did you do in the exam yesterday?

Lu Zhou thought for a second before saying, I did okay.

When the three animals heard him, they stopped talking about the exam questions. Instead, they all returned to their seats and went on their laptops.

Huang Guangming, Full marks, full marks.

Shi Shang sighed, Full marks, no doubt.

Liu Rui, Lets play league. I want to play attack damage carry, I heard ability power carries are also strong.

Shi Shang, F*ck off!

Huang Guangming, No ones going to support you!

Liu Rui:

Lu Zhou, ?

The music of Summoners Rift came on, and the dorm became lively again.

Lu Zhou took off his clothes before he went to take a shower. Once he was done, he climbed back into bed and laid down.

Shi Shang was in a team fight, and when he saw that Lu Zhou was already in bed, he asked, Zhou, why are you sleeping so early?

Im a bit tired, Im just laying down.

Shi Shang, Oh, I told you to sleep at a normal time, but you didnt listen. See, now youre facing the consequences.

F*ck off, go play your video game and shut up.

Lu Zhou laid in bed and used his pillow to block the noises. He then closed his eyes and thought, system.

When he opened his eyes, he saw a pure white world.

[Congratulations, user, for completing the mission!

[Mission completion details: Complete the research project of carbon nanotube modified cement-based composite materials. Final evaluation of the task: A

[Mission reward: 10,000 mathematics experience points, 3000 physics experience points, 3000 materials science experience points. 500 general points. 24 inspiration hours (use at any time)]

When Lu Zhou saw this award, he was shocked.

Total of 16,000 experience points!

He had only got 10,000 mathematics experience points when he solved Zhous conjecture.

Once he thought about it, it all made sense. After all, according to the description of the mission, the experience points were determined not by the academic value of the thesis, but by the value of the research project and the users contribution to the project.

Using that line of logic, this reward made sense. After all, this project had more than 2 billion yuan behind it. Even 10% was 200 million yuan.

Also, proving Zhous conjecture probably had some kind of mission reward debuff, since Lu Zhou got the solution as a blueprint. The systems rules were very confusing. It only gave the lucky draw probabilities. Lu Zhou had to figure everything else himself.

This time there was not even a lucky draw ticket. Instead, it was a 24 inspiration hours reward.

Did it promote thinking ability?

Even though he was very curious as to what kind of experience inspiration time was, he could not use it in the dorm.

24 hours was not a lot. He planned to use it when he got stuck on a problem.

After Lu Zhou received the mission rewards, he opened up his characteristic panel.


Core science:

A. Mathematics: Level 2 (12000/50000)

B. Physics: Level 1 (5100/10000)

C. Biochemistry: Level 1 (0/10000)

D. Engineering: Level 1 (0/10000)

E. Materials science: Level 1 (3000/10000)

F. Energy science: Level 1 (0/10000)

G. Information science: Level 1 (2800/1000)

General points: 1975


Lu Zhou was close to leveling up physics, so he felt pretty good. In the past, he thought that physics was useless, and he could upgrade it later. However, now, he decided to level up mathematics and physics at the same time.

Lu Zhou silently prayed before he opened his refreshed mission panel.


Mission 1: Slam Dunk

Description: Even though learning is important, health is more important. Exercise can strengthen the body and inspire you, so why not?

Requirements: Complete 3000 three-pointer shots. At least 10 seconds apart from each shot. Must be a standard basketball hoop.

Reward: 3000 experience points toward any subjects. One lucky draw ticket (90% garbage, 5% sample, 5% drawing)



Mission 2: Two at once

Description: A real genius is never afraid of challenges!

Requirements: Register for two national-level or above competitions, evaluate and compare your competition results.

Reward: Reward is based on the amount of value in the competition and results. One lucky draw ticket (85% garbage, 10% sample, 5% drawings)



Mission 3:

Description: The prosperity of knowledge lies in communication and in the collision of ideas. Academic exchanges are an opportunity to communicate with geniuses.

Requirements: Participate in one academic conference and complete the following actions: Make a presentation on stage, present an academic poster, listen to the lecture, communicate with geniuses, etc

Reward: Type of subject experience points is determined by the type of academic conference. Reward amount depends on the degree of participation. One lucky draw ticket (80% garbage, 10% sample, 8% drawings, 2% unlock technology branch)


The first mission was difficult, three thousand three-pointers. Lu Zhou had not shot that many three-pointers in his life.

As for dunking

He could do it standing on a chair?

He calculated that it would take him more than a month to complete this. 3000 experience points was a bit too low.

He ignored the first mission and focused on the other two. Finally, he chose the most cost-effective Mission Three.

Entering in two competitions and doing well in them was not difficult for Lu Zhou, but the selection and evaluation period was too long. He had a Princeton mathematics academic conference coming up in early February, and it would be easy to complete the mission there.

Lu Zhou selected Mission 3 and left the system space.

He had lots to prepare for the academic conference.

Obviously, he had to do the powerpoint, and he had to make the academic poster. The most crucial part was his English.

Even though his English was pretty good and he had published a lot of theses which increased his vocabulary, he still lacked in speaking experience.

He still had two months, and he decided to grind his English within this time.

He would also complete TOEFL in the meantime.

A genius can never have too many certificates.